2020 Décor Trends: Bathrooms As Destinations

Expect to see a new perspective on bathrooms in 2020, as the trend to make them into destinations gains momentum. Receiving new focus as an experiential space rather just a part of the daily routine, they will be viewed as private retreats for unwinding, rejuvenating and feeling pampered, like being in a luxurious spa where comfort comes wrapped in stunning style.

Go Bold
All about making a bold décor statement in every bathroom, from the powder room to the master bath, this trend will feature unexpected material combinations that work surprisingly well together, such as the cool, contemporary vibe of concrete tiles with the warm, organic tones of wood.

Wood will also appear in luxe materials, like marble, helping to create the spa ambiance. Metals will also pop up in consoles, basins and as metallic threads highlighting other materials.

Color wise, expect to see deeper tones of blues and greens reinforcing the natural spa theme, while black and deeper shades of gray will foster a sense of rich indulgence.

Focus On Details
As this trend focuses on a clean, minimalist vision for walls, tubs, sinks and more, the fixtures set the tone with details like engaging lines and colors. From art deco exposed shower plumbing to sink faucets and flush handles, these intricately detailed black, pewter, gunmetal or gold fixtures set the perfect tone for bringing the total effect to life.

Style From The Floor Up
Both structurally and aesthetically, the flooring is the foundation of any bathroom design. There are plenty of exciting and affordable new options available to serve as the base for the destination trend.

Waterproof hardwood and waterproof engineered vinyl planks offer exciting, new possibilities for creating the organic wood-look spa mood while also meeting practical performance considerations. Also, LVT beautifully captures the looks of stone and marble tiles.

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