2020 Décor Trends: Hybrid Homes

An important 2020 trend will be the blending of workspace with living space in the modern hybrid home.

Driven by the work-from-anywhere capabilities of the digital world, a growing number of people are working from home either full or part-time. However, homes and apartments are shrinking in size due to the high costs of land and construction, especially in urban areas.

Repurposing Space
Reimagining and repurposing existing spaces will be key to creating a home office. This will require careful review of the needs for electrical outlets, storage space, work surface dimensions and more. A part-time freelance writer has quite different needs than a software developer, craft maker or video editor.

A bedroom corner or a large closet may be suitable for minimal space and usage requirements. However, the dining room is often unused space in today’s lifestyles, so it will become a prime option for repurposing, especially when a larger work area is desired.

Merging Style And Function
From the floor up, style will be critical in making an office space comfortable, productive and an attractive part of the home. By itself or as an area rug over hardwood, carpeting offers mood color options, sound deadening and comfort. Alternatively, LVT is smart for sliding between workstations and makes cleaning easy for crafting areas.

Multipurpose furniture as well as custom-built storage and work surfaces will help enhance visual appeal, reduce clutter, improve efficiency and even separate the office and living areas. Plus, bright colors, natural light, pictures and plants can foster a positive mood, while reducing stress, and complement the living space.

Creating Work-Life Balance
Hybrid homes will create an even greater need for work-life balance. So the ability to leave the office by effectively separating it from the living space will be a high priority, whether by movable panels or furniture, concealable desktops, cabinet and closet doors, or other means.

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