2020 Décor Trends: Looks Inspired By Nature

ProSource | 10/28/2019 | Expert Advice

A key influence for décor trends in 2020 is the desire to create interiors that offer a calming sense of wellness and comfort as an escape from the stresses encountered in these chaotic times. To do this, designers will draw on connecting with the colors and textures of nature to foster feelings of peace and serenity by bringing the outside in.

There is also an emphasis on both minimalism and luxury, which are not necessarily contradictory concepts. It really is a case of less is more, especially when done right.

Curve Appeal
One of the first things to notice about interiors for 2020 is the emphasis on the softer, simpler look of curved lines. Compared to the hard edges of straight lines and sharp angles, this rounded approach takes its cue from nature in enhancing the flow of a room or space while making it look more relaxed and inviting.

Wood’s A Natural
In both construction and décor accents, the focus will be on nature and sustainable resources. For 2020, expect to see an increased use of natural materials such as jute, hemp and other fibers as wall art and accents, including rugs. However, wood will be the star.

A natural for bringing a sense of warmth and charm to any décor scheme, wood will be utilized in all aspects of interior design… from floor to ceiling. In addition to some of more traditional roles, we’ll see the increased use of exposed wooden beams as a cleaner way to lend a sense of history to homes without going full rustic. It will also be employed in creating elemental dividers to separate interior spaces.

A Twist At The Finish
The inspiration from nature continues to the finish where the more natural looks of low-gloss and satin finishes will continue growing in popularity versus high-gloss.

In coloration, however, there will be a twist as the desire for a more luxe look comes into play with a focus on darker woods and even lighter woods with darker textural features to contrast the lighter colors taken from nature.

Hardwood Design

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