2021 Décor Trends: A Stand-Out Design - Adding Custom Touches

Homeowners are finding ways to incorporate their individual tastes into today’s latest style trends - whether that be a custom tile on a stair face, a funky featured backsplash wall, or a contrasted board and batten wall in the bedroom. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to customization.

Eclecticism As A Design Trend
There are countless ways to individualize a space. Some are as simple as adding uniquely patterned tiles on an accent wall in the kitchen or bath, or maybe a fun custom area rug in the family room.

Textured and patterned carpets give the option for a truly unique room while still following the current color and décor trends.

Other approaches seek to create an electric mix of elements from other design trends and styles, including art deco, boho, and Scandinavian minimalist.

Building on the trend of bringing nature in, homeowners are adding custom windows and doors, keeping finishes natural, and customizing their space by blending indoor living with the outdoors.

Infinite Possibilities
Tile and luxury vinyl floors, carpet, countertops and cabinetry offer lots of style and color options for creating an infinite number of customized looks.

These looks can be further individualized with paint, furniture styles, accents, works of art, photos and personal memorabilia for an eclectic vision that perfectly expresses a uniquely individual style.

Keeping It Simple
With great style comes great responsibility. Adding a splash of individualization to any design comes with certain considerations. Keeping it simple and choosing one unique feature per room/space is an easy way to ensure a design will remain timeless.

When laying out plans for a new design, consider colors, materials, and products and how those mesh together when adding custom pieces.

People are staying in their homes on average for 13 years - so adding a splash of personality is a great way to make a house feel like a home right out of the gate.

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