2021 Décor Trends: Dedicated Home Office Space – The Work Environment Redefined

It is estimated that by the end of 2021 up to one-third of the workforce will be working from home at least part of the time. As more companies realize they can function just as well, if not better, with employees working remotely, this trend is expected to become permanent for many.

This is fueling a surge in the need for dedicated home office spaces and a new approach to the work environment.

Separating Work From Life
A dedicated home office should have boundaries according to many experts. This makes leaving the “office” a definitive, physical act, forming a sense of separation between work and life - helpful for limiting distractions and interruptions during work.

Depending on home size and layout, home office locations can range from the corner of a spare bedroom to a remodeled attic. Doors, stairs and dividers in the form of furniture or cabinetry can all aid in creating a physical separation.

Changing floor color or type, such as going from carpet to luxury vinyl plank or adding an area rug to define the space, is also an excellent way to establish an easily identifiable boundary.

Personality, Meet Function
Another way to separate the space is through personal expression. With various cabinet and storage options, flooring and area rug choices, and the opportunity to add a change in wall color, the options are endless to add a personal touch and make the space truly unique.

Promote efficiency and make a distinctive style statement by skipping traditional office furniture and use built-in cabinetry instead. Cabinet configurations designed for easy access to files and supplies come in lots of colors and styles. Quartz countertops as desktops offer a wide range of possibilities for bringing a positive vibe to work.

Balancing the right product for the space allotted is the key to a functional, productive home office. No matter the space available, there are countless paths to creating a distinctive, separate space perfect for working from home.

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