2021 Décor Trends: Reimagining The Possibilities – Adding On Without An Addition

ProSource | 12/21/2020 | Expert Advice

The need for convertible, transitional spaces is higher than ever and some may find they already have all the space they need after a few in-home upgrades.

Utilizing previously unused spaces like the basement, attic, garage, etc. is an excellent way to add on without an addition, and with a potential payback of up to 70%, a wise investment to boot.

Spanning The Home For Options
Lifestyles change and sometimes that means a shift in everyday routine. Often, that shift equates to the need for new functional space within a home - whether it be an office, playroom, or an in-law suite.

It’s not always an option to add-on or build-up, and budget can be limiting as well. In those cases, there are other creative avenues for adding on to usable space without the need for an addition.

Usually, the best places to consider for additional living space are those that already exist in most homes – like a basement or attic. Unlike an addition, there are no concerns about zoning setbacks or losing prized yard space. Also, they tend to offer easier access to the home’s existing HVAC, plumbing and wiring, which can reduce costs compared to an addition.

Other options include splitting a large living room into an office, closing in and finishing a garage, or making use of nooks and crannies within an existing hallway or loft.

Blank Canvases
Adding to a home’s unfinished spaces means endless design options. Finishing a basement, attic, or garage means new flooring and storage needs. Converting to an in-law suite might mean a new bathroom, which translates to new plumbing and fixtures.

Area rugs, a change in wall color, or additional storage and built-in cabinets give a homeowner endless areas of customization in these newly rethought spaces.

No matter how additional space is converted from what’s already there, each option represents a blank canvas waiting to be reimagined and remodeled with new possibilities in a well-conceived design.

Basement Living Room Office Design

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