2022 Décor Trends: Back In Black (And White)

ProSource | 11/11/2021 | Expert Advice

Everyone loves a classic. That’s why both homeowners and designers are utilizing black and white tiling to give their buildings charm and character. Great for creating both modern and retro-looking spaces, black and white tiling works in collaboration with a wide range of color palettes and fixtures to create a unique visual experience.

For designers, the nimbleness and versatility of black and white tiling enhances the look of floors, walls, and backsplashes while representing an opportunity to incorporate bold new elements into transitional spaces like hallways, bathrooms, foyers, and kitchens.

It’s All In Black And White
Playing on themes of light and dark contrasting and complementing one another, the two colors, when coupled together, rejuvenate transitional spaces with a sophisticated flair that harmonizes contemporary, classic, and international décors.

As generations of Americans who grew up with ‘50’s checkerboard flooring can attest, dynamic home interiors need black and white surfacing. Striking, bold, and compatible with different color palettes, this dynamic duo is often partnered with shades of grey to create a fresh look missing from paler and more traditional walls and floors.

Suitable for any style of home, business, or office, black and white tiling stimulates natural lighting and creates rooms that can easily be complemented with various styles of wallpaper, molding, draperies, or furniture. Elegant, refined, and luxurious, black and white tiles have become a crucial feature for artists, homeowners, and creative renovators looking to use innovative color combinations and custom-made patterns in houses or site-specific spaces.

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