2022 Décor Trends: Combined Spaces In The Home

ProSource | 11/11/2021 | Expert Advice

In the midst of the pandemic, the home really was where the heart was. In addition to acting as a residence, homes were converted into offices, schools, and gyms. As the pandemic continued, the home’s functionality expanded requiring reimagining floorplans and adjusting open spaces into more defined working areas.

Looking to create physical boundaries that form separate, individual areas, many homeowners have turned to partitions. Not as clunky or heavy as moveable walls, their flexibility helps turn homes into a practical workspace.

Benefits Of Partitions
A cramped house is a noisy house. In response, many homeowners have chosen moveable partitions over sound baffling or noise absorbing tiles. Partitions minimize noise and enable workers to be better organized and more comfortable inside a busy domicile.

They also help establish boundaries between the home and home office. Warmer than cubicles, partitions are integral to creating layouts tailored to creativity and productivity in makeshift offices and schoolhouses.

With so many people entrenched in their homes, privacy matters. In the absence of physical walls, moving furniture and setting up partitions allows homeowners to adjust their workstations to create a retreat where they can work and learn without being distracted.

As more homes are converted into offices, schools and activity centers, it is clear that interior design, ergonomics, and eco-friendly architecture will be more prominent in the post-pandemic world. The floorplans of the future will place a greater emphasis on at-home work environments that include more greenery, natural light, and relaxation spaces.

In a time full of challenges, homeowners have embraced warm, bright, and practical designs that help them reimagine floorplans and transform their dwellings into efficient and balanced spaces suited for teaching, studying, or working remotely.

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