2022 Home Design Trend: Colors And Patterns Offer A Fresh Start

ProSource | 11/29/2021 | Expert Advice

Traditionally, home design trends tend to shift based on the economy. When the outlook is gloomy, homeowners tend to be conservative in their choice of colors and patterns with a focus on classic tones of gray and brown to create a sense of timeless, grounded stability. Conversely, when people feel optimistic about things they tend to express it with more emphasis on brighter colors and patterns in ways that can be easily changed.

Of course, like the colors themselves, pessimism and optimism often exist in varying shades of expression, especially in periods of uncertainty. There are also other factors which further influence a homeowner’s choice of colors, tones and patterns, such as individual style and life changes.

Looking For A New Beginning
In 2022, the U.S. economy is expected to grow nearly four percent. At the same time, while slightly more people have a positive rather than negative view of their short-term financial prospects, the vast majority are apparently uncertain about their economic future. 

Additionally, lives have been in a state of upheaval for some time now. So how does all of this translate into color and pattern choices?

Many experts anticipate homeowners will want to experience a fresh start for 2022 in terms of giving their homes a feeling of new life as a way of finding hope amid the uncertainty. Along with this rejuvenation, they’ll also seek to create spaces where they can find comfort and draw inspiration.

There will be an emphasis on colors taken from nature for freshness, such as earth tones and warm neutrals that project a sense of calm. Plus, these colors will be complemented by some livelier accent hues that can be used make a dramatic style statement.

Selecting A Versatile Canvas
Wall paint, area rugs and accents are much easier (and less expensive) to change than tile, countertops or cabinet color, for instance. Think of things that are hard to change as the canvas. Color choices here should be versatile enough to work with both brighter and darker tones that can be quickly changed to respond to a homeowner’s changing view of the economic climate and other factors.

Taking into consideration the high level of uncertainty, homeowners will seek base colors that can work with a variety of other color and pattern options to help achieve the ideal balance of mood and style to suit their needs.

Finding The Ideal Balance
With so many color and pattern possibilities, it can become a challenge to find the right balance for each space in the house. In a home office, for example, it’s about finding a color combination that inspires without distracting. In the living room, on the other hand, it may be deciding how to balance between the luxurious appeal of deeper jewel tones and the freshness of lighter, summery tones.

It’s also worth noting that one of the simpler, yet very effective, ways to fine tune the balance is through the use of easily changeable accessories and accents, including cabinet hardware and area rugs.

Making An Informed Decision
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