4 Reasons To Work With A Professional Kitchen And Bath Designer

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom is no simple task, and going it alone can be overwhelming. But many homeowners don’t realize that a professional kitchen and bath designer isn’t only helpful, it’s often the best way to get the room they desire at a budget they can afford.

Read on to discover the top four reasons to work with a professional designer.

Project Management

Think of your designer as the person who knows how to make the dream into reality. With all the various workers, schedules, timelines, permits and costs to keep track of, having someone who can gather all of the information for you and order the products makes the process so much less hectic, and frees you up to handle the details you really want to focus on, like product choices, colors and overall design.

Designers serve as the bridge between a homeowner and the final project outcome. They know what works and make sure that it does.

It’s easy to see the finished designs on television, in magazines or on websites, and know which ones you love, but your designer understands the level of detail and all the steps it takes to get there.

Needs vs. Wants

Homeowners tend to begin a home remodeling project with a long list of wishes for their new kitchen or bath. A good designer knows how to weed through the list and determine the needs from the wants, and then help decide which “wants” are worth the cost.

Professional designers toe the line between budget and product desires, and help find the perfect marriage between form and function. They know how to trim a budget without sacrificing the final product.

K&B designers put this magical puzzle together so that form and function meet harmoniously. For me, it’s not enough to make the sale, I need to be content that I’ve designed a space that fits into my client’s home and family that will help make their lives happier.”Margo Wilson-Atkinson, K&B Designer, ProSource of Boston South

Product Expertise

A designer has a deep understanding of all the product lines and can help homeowners choose from among the best options. They’re up to date on the latest innovations in products and accessories.

Manufacturers are constantly updating their product lines with innovative accessories that maximize space and efficiency. Having someone on your team who is aware of the latest and greatest organizational trends can help you determine what’s worth adding to your budget and when new ideas might be just what a homeowner needs.

When it comes to function, aesthetics, price and quality, a professional designer is your go to resource.


Professional designers understand that homeowners have a budget. They have a talent for helping to visualize a project and show the value in the products being selected and how they’ll all come together to create a new dream space. Designers help homeowners feel confident about the choices they’ve made.

Working with a designer doesn't have to be costly. ProSource Showrooms offer expert design service, and many times can recommend unique remodeling ideas that can save you money. They also know how to foresee and prevent the kinds of costly mistakes that can cause major delays in a project timeline.

From managing your project to sorting out your wish list, helping you choose the best products and keep you on track and within budget, professional designers fill an important role in every remodeling project.

Stop by your local ProSource Showroom to talk with a kitchen and bath designer. Share the inspiration and product images you saved to the myProSource Project Center, and get started on your remodeling project today.

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