4 Reasons Why People Don't Start A Project & Why To Ignore Them

Starting a remodeling project can be daunting for a variety of reasons, and many times homeowners can talk themselves out of it before they ever begin. Before you file your remodeling dream into your mental ‘unfulfilled’ file, consider these four reasons why people don’t start a remodeling project, and why you should ignore them.

Overwhelming Choices

Knowing you hate what you have, but not knowing what you want to change your design to can be exceptionally overwhelming - and cause you to put off starting your project for weeks, if not months.

Why You Should Ignore It

You should ignore this because, well, you’ve got to start somewhere! Scanning the completed project images from the inspiration section, and adding images to your project center, can help you generate tons of design ideas. Pick out elements that you really like, and bring them all to a designer who can give you direction and thoughts about how to bring all of those elements together into a cohesive design. ProSource has kitchen and bath designers on staff to assist you with your project.

Finding Contractors

You may have grand ideas about remodeling your home, but the idea of finding the right trade professional feels like a game of roulette. Not knowing where to begin can result in months of procrastination.

Why You Should Ignore It

Your local ProSource Showroom has a network of qualified contractors in your area. Discuss your project with one of our account managers and they can help you connect you with the right contractor for your project.

Selling Your House

A lot of times, homeowners wonder if making simple upgrades, such as new floors or a new bathroom sink, will really increase the value of their homes. You justify it by telling yourself that whoever ends up buying it will probably want to choose what they put in, anyway, and a $3,000 investment probably won’t increase the selling price of your house much.

Why You Should Ignore It

Most people aren’t that visual when it comes to imagining how a home will look when they’ve made updates to it. It’s why real estate agents emphasize proper staging - first impressions really do matter. A lot. Making small upgrades to your house can go a long way toward increasing the perceived value of your home. Additionally, it can alleviate a potential buyer’s objections.

The Number One Reason People Don’t Start Home Improvement Projects: Budget

Many times homeowners have big ideas about how they want to change their homes, but don’t often have the budget to back it up. Because of that, their projects never make it beyond the big fluffy cloud in their minds.

Why You Should Ignore It

Even if you don’t have the budget to completely gut your kitchen or bathroom and fill it with stuff of your dreams, there are still innumerable home improvements you can make for a small amount of money that will greatly improve the style and value of your home. To get ideas, you can search our inspiration by budget type.

Work with designers and contractors who can give you suggestions that fit within your budget. With all the variety in product choices, there are many lines designed specifically to give you great looks at lower prices. A little compromise can go a lot longer way than you may have initially thought.

ProSource Wholesale brings together designers and contractors to make your renovation project as seamless as possible, regardless of how much or how little you know about what you want to do.

After looking through the inspiration pages for design ideas, and adding images you like to your myProSource Project Center, visit your local ProSource Showroom to see product samples firsthand, and connect with a trade professional in your area.

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