4 Signs It's Time To Remodel Your Bathroom

ProSource | 4/19/2017 | Expert Advice

Sometimes you can live with your current bathroom for a while. Sometimes a few simple updates are enough to get you through a few more years. And sometimes, no amount of paint or new cabinet hardware are going to brighten up your eyesore bathroom. This is remodeling DEFCON 1.

Here are four signs that it might be time to remodel your bathroom.

1.  You Have To Come Up With Creative Ways To Fit Everything In The Closet And Under The Cabinets

Older bathrooms are often smaller bathrooms and don’t do a great job of utilizing vertical space for storage, and sometimes they are simply not laid out well. Storage can be easily fixed with better cabinetry, while a bad layout may require an entire remodel. Either way, you’ll get the space you need.

2.  Fixing Problems Or Updating Fixtures

Maybe your tile floor is cracking, or if you’re really unlucky, your bathroom is a surviving relic from the last 80s when carpet in the bathroom was a popular look. You need new flooring, your toilet is leaky, your shower is gross, and you are just ready for an upgrade.

Investing in energy efficient showers, faucets and toilets can ease up your energy bills. You can fix any leaks or cracks that may be causing mold and mildew. And let’s face it, you’ll just feel a little bit better about the fact that you’re no longer walking on soggy carpet.

3.  You Want Something More Luxurious

The latest trends in bathroom remodeling bring the spa straight into your home. You can have a luxurious, relaxing spa experience in the comfort of your master bath with a steam shower, a walk-in shower with a rain head, heated floors and towel racks, or a soaker tub with bubble jets that vibrate to the sounds of your iPod.

4.  You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Adding value to your house is probably the single biggest reason to update or completely remodel an existing bathroom. If you’re about to put your house on the market, you’ll most likely be able to sell it faster and perhaps for a slightly higher list price if you have a spectacular master bath, or at least up-to-date bathrooms, throughout the house.

The inspiration pages have numerous bath ideas. Find those you like and add them to the myProSource Project Center.

If any or all of these has you nodding in agreement, you can visit a ProSource Showroom or get connected to a trade professional who can help you with your remodeling project, choose the products you want to install, and meet with a designer to put it all together for the perfect look.

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