6 Tips For Achieving A Premium Look On A Tight Budget

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the home remodeling market reached new heights as $433 billion was spent on maintenance and improvements for home and rental properties in 2021, according to the Improving America’s Housing 2021 report published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

Homeowners continue to hold the majority of that spend with $281 billion spent on improvements and $71 billion spent on maintenance in 2021.

With housing and lifestyle changes ever evolving, you may be like many homeowners looking to make changes to your home. You may be looking to create an office so that you can work from home, or have a space for children that encourages remote learning. Whatever the case may be, doing so on a budget may be prudent to your income and a necessity for your financial future.
Here are several tips on getting the most out of your budget during a remodel.

When it comes to remodeling, stay vigilant on the details

Quality home remodels require an eye for the particulars. Before work begins, you need to break down every detail of the project with your trade professional (i.e., builder, contractor, designer, installer, remodeler, etc.). Whether the details are in the crown molding or the chair rails, if your design has any level of intricacy, they need to know about it.

You may not have considered adding those touches to your design, but if you’re looking for a premium concept, you should consider these finer features.

Even upgrading accessories in a bathroom or kitchen remodel like light fixtures, towel racks, faucets, or handles will add a unique touch to a premium redesign.

It is not simply just about upgrading the less significant aspects of the space. You also need to know what to look for and what needs fixing after it has been changed. If something was done incorrectly during the remodel, you need to understand enough about the change, in order to point it out and have it fixed. Given the business relationship of you and your trade professional, you should be able to express concerns and have them address your needs.

The small details can seem insignificant, but together, addressing these intricacies can make a substantial difference in your space’s appearance.

Light it up

Lighting can make or break a home design, and if you are seeking to undergo a premium remodel of a space in your home, you will want to get creative. From a budgetary standpoint, creativity is key to keeping lighting costs down, and much of that is thanks to indirect lighting.

Indirect lighting is both flattering and relaxing, and can give your space a warm, comfortable glow. It also can provide lighting in areas in need, resulting in spending less and allowing you to divert funds toward primary lighting areas within the space. If there is no primary lighting feature, you can divert those funds into a floor lamp, table lamp, end table, or artwork within the room, in order to offer a fashionable balance.

Paint it premium

Paint color can offer insight into your creativity and style. The timeless white walls can contain multitudes of options elsewhere in a given space, and the warm neutral tones offer the air of maturity and sophistication.

Accent colors on a singular wall or along a door and door frame can create a complementary tone to corresponding elements of the space.

No matter what type of wall design you choose in your paint color, choosing a premium quality paint is paramount to the presentation of your remodel vision.

Decluttering the space

Prior to any home remodel, decluttering is an essential step toward creating the necessary space for your pro to get their work done. For example, your trade professional may need you to move a coffee table or unhang that mirror, in order to get the job done.

It also will help from a design perspective. In order to fully visualize the new design and see the space in a premium light, you may need to move pieces out of the room.

Faux is fine

Affordable flooring does not have to come at low quality. Premium options may not have existed in the past that allowed for the elegant appearance at a bargain cost, but those days are over.

Take wood-look floors, for example. Today, a plethora of options provide the appearance of hardwood without a big expense.

These include laminate, luxury vinyl and tile. Each have lower cost options that offer a high-end appearance from top brands; many of which are easy to maintain and will last over time.

Shop smarter, not harder

Finding a high-quality piece of furniture for a bargain should be obvious, but you would be surprised how many homeowners resign themselves to the fact that they’ll have to spend at a premium level for furniture or luxury items in their redesigned space.

Estate sales, consignment shops, and secondhand stores offer options for those looking for a discount on higher priced items, and they also can be reupholstered to fit your design preferences.

Shopping around online also offers you the ability to compare prices on items that fit within the design and timeline. In stores, you may be able to purchase floor items with small scratches that are discounted.

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