Bold Kitchen Color Statements: 5 Places To Express Yourself

ProSource | 12/3/2015 | Expert Advice

It’s the heart of your home and the center for culinary creativity. So it’s no wonder homeowners look for ways to bring more of their personality into their kitchen design.

One of the most versatile and visible ways to do this is with color, the spice of any successful kitchen design recipe.

But with most appliances offering limited color options (aside from the usual trifecta of white, black and silver), where can you look to infuse some colorful expression into your kitchen? Here are some suggestions.


Because much of your wall space tends to be covered by cabinets, backsplashes and appliances, the remaining areas offer a perfect opportunity for a bold accent wall color, without the risk of dominating the room.


Like your walls, your backsplash covers just enough area to accommodate a bold accent color. The wide range of backsplash material options also let you enhance that color with different textures and finishes.


When looking for kitchen space ideas to display a bit of color, don’t overlook horizontal surfaces. Kitchen countertops, particularly a singular counter on a kitchen island, offer a great surface to serve up a dash of accent color.

This is a brave step that can pay off big in terms of design impact. It’s also a good reason to enlist the guidance of a design professional, like the experts at your local ProSource Showroom, to help you plan and coordinate.


The next horizontal surface that can add to your kitchen’s color palette is your floor. Here, your choice of flooring material will determine the kinds of colors you’ll have to choose from.

Just remember, a darker floor color will tend to visually feel closer, while a lighter floor will appear to recede. So if you have a small kitchen space, you may want to consider a color that creates the feeling of a more expansive space.


Like most homeowners, you probably think of cabinet color in terms of wood type. For example, think “cherry wood,” and a color will likely come to mind. But don’t forget that there are color options beyond wood species and stain.

For example, Omega® Cabinetry offers opaque finishes such as Pesto, Cranberry and Blue Lagoon that let your cabinets make their own stunning statement.

Review the inspiration for design ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center. Then visit your local ProSource Showroom to shop flooring, cabinets and countertops.

A ProSource design expert can help you choose and coordinate products to create a bold yet blended kitchen color palette. One that, like a perfectly prepared meal, is a beautifully balanced presentation.

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