Catchy Kitchen Cabinetry Trends For 2018

Kitchen design is evolving to keep up with shifting consumer lifestyles. Modern food shopping options – online groceries and click-and-collect programs, for example – make it easier for consumers to prepare meals at home and spend more time in this important space. The NPD Group’s Eating Patterns in America report revealed that 82% of all meal occasions are either prepared and eaten in the home or carried from it.

Big and Integrated. When updating their kitchens, 49% percent of homeowners make them larger, and 59% open them up to other rooms in the home. The kitchen and living room have become one, and dining comfort is prioritized. The result is a space that enables cooks to use their kitchens for entertaining as well as preparing food.

Smart. Technology is a big part of today’s high-functioning kitchen. Cell phones aren’t always welcome at the dinner table, but the kitchen should be equipped to handle them nonetheless. Cabinets are being designed accordingly, with charging stations, automated openers, voice-activated controls and more.

“2018 has brought along an embrace of smart home tech among homeowners,” says Blake Aylott, business development manager at Project Build Construction in Laguna Hills. “As contractors and designers, we have been working with our customer to incorporate more smart tech into our designs.” Tech is expected to continue to grow – currently, there’s no end in sight.

Style Trends For 2018 Kitchens
Consumers want a kitchen that’s personalized – standard and safe are not the end goal – but some design styles, such as mid-century modern, are growing more quickly than others. “Relaxed contemporary styling will continue to grow in popularity as homeowners strive for minimalistic clean lines but with a more casual flare,” says Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. “The goal is to feel like we are stepping into a vacation home every time we come through our own front doors.”

Organized. A recent Houzz survey that found 75% of homeowners obsessed with decluttering the counters and 66% of homeowners are needing to put things in their rightful place.

“As rooms continue to open up to each other, interior organization is becoming a must-have,” says Pierce. “When everything has a dedicated space inside your cabinetry, it can easily be put away, helping to declutter your countertops and your life, all the while increasing the level of relaxation.”

Enhanced. Cabinet enhancements are worth splurging on (23% of consumers say their biggest mistake is penny pinching on cabinets, lighting, and organization). Savvy consumers put their cabinets to work:
deep, wide, organized drawers
soft-close drawers
accessibility-boosting pull-outs and roll trays
cutlery drawers
corner cabinets
pantry cabinets
base trash cabinets
integrated cabinet lighting

The whole home-style approach inspires the cabinet selection. Designers report that the among the most-requested kitchen cabinet specs are fewer wall cabinets, a minimal sleek design, and a personalization that reflects the homeowner’s style.

2018 Cabinet Finishes and Colors
Neutrals (Plus Color). “We will continue to see greys and whites being very popular but can expect to see consumers becoming more comfortable with adding in color to their homes, most notably in an array of blue and emerging greens,” says Pierce. “These finishes not only mix well with whites, greys, and wood stains, but shades [such as black or navy] can even act as neutrals that have incredible diversity.”

Dark Wood. With trending mid-century modern in mind, dark woods like walnut combine with classic design shapes from the 1950s to 1970s for a strong silhouette.

Finishes. The finish of the cabinet is just as important as the color or shape. Cleaner lines with dimensional movement present additional opportunities for homeowners to express their individual style. The design experts at MasterBrand predict a growing interest in metal accents, contrasting finishes, and dramatic textures.

Selecting Cabinets In 2018 and Beyond
“Consider how you want to feel when you are in [the kitchen] and choose finishes that will help reflect that energy,” says Pierce. Softer, more subtle tones lend a relaxed feel to a space. A favorite vibrant shade will create energy.

And keep in mind the entire living pace – not just the kitchen – when selecting cabinets. “Rooms and finishes should be chosen to complement each other and reflect the homeowner’s personality while also integrating a versatile palette that broadens the number of available finishes to thread throughout the home,” says Pierce.

Creating texture – both physical and visual – in the space enables the homeowner to create various focal points. “In large rooms or open concept floor plans, this is so important because you want the rooms to blend into each other and allow the eye to travel through a space that has balance.”

The cabinet is to the kitchen as the kitchen is to the home. Spending time selecting just the right cabinet will pay off for years to come.

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