Cooking Up The Perfect Kitchen Remodel

ProSource | 11/11/2015 | Expert Advice

When it comes to home remodeling projects, no room will give you more return on your investment than the kitchen. However, with so many elements to plan for, including appliances, cabinets and countertops, it can also be the most challenging room to remodel.

So how do you manage it all successfully? Here are three helpful tips from the kitchen design experts at ProSource Wholesale.

Before thinking about what to put in your kitchen, think about how you use it.

According to the design experts at ProSource, knowing how you use your kitchen is essential to planning your space, and making smart decisions about what should go in it.

For example, if someone in the family loves to cook they probably have an idea or two about the kind of appliances they want. These tools for culinary glory should be incorporated into the kitchen renovation plan first, because they not only dictate the layout, but also the size of other components around them.

Take an honest look at your space and budget, as well as your wish list.

The first two can be bigger than the third, but not the other way around. It’s not uncommon, however, for homeowners to enter into a remodeling project with more wish list items than space or budget.

According to one ProSource designer, “Homeowners see things on TV remodeling shows, but they often don’t realize how much those things actually cost. It’s our job to include as many of the items on their wish list as possible, given the parameters of the kitchen and the budget.”

Let a design pro help you make the most of your ideas, space and remodel.

Your kitchen space is your canvas, and you have lots of ideas on how to fill it. A design professional can offer the expertise and resources you’ll need to do that successfully.

A ProSource Wholesale kitchen and bath designer can help you do much more than select cabinet designs and countertop colors. They can also suggest ideas, such as convection/microwave oven combinations that will help you maximize the usefulness of the space you have.

With an understanding of who will be using your kitchen and how they will use it, a design professional can provide functional storage and access solutions, such as the microwave drawers that have become popular with many homeowners.

Peruse the kitchen inspiration images and add those you like to your myProSource Project Center. Then share those ideas with your ProSource kitchen and bath designer.

A professional kitchen designer can also advise you on kitchen design ideas, to broaden your perspective. Or encourage you to discover and consider new and innovative design elements. So that your finished remodel can be the kitchen of your dreams – and an investment that will pay off in increased home value.

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