Design That Makes Food Even More Delicious

Who’s hungry?

Apparently, lots of us are – especially for good food shared among good company. According to, formal dining rooms are one of the design trends for 2016. Houzz writer Mitchell Parker adds, “For homeowners who entertain frequently, a designated space for gathering for special meals isn’t negotiable, and they’re pouring attention into these rooms.”

Homeowners are also continuing to focus on kitchen design, creating spaces that invite both culinary creation and enjoyment.

If you’re cooking up a remodeling or redecorating project in one of these areas, here are some design ingredient suggestions sure to make your space even more appetizing.

Blend In A Dash Of Color

To get things cooking in your kitchen or dining room, consider adding color to your renovation recipe.

Warm colors such as reds are a bold choice that can stir the senses and awaken appetites. According to, looking at this color increases metabolism and hunger. No wonder we see it in so many restaurants!

Softer, richer and earthier variations on the color red continue to top “color of the year” lists, and are on-trend favorites for kitchen and dining room décor. For example, Omega cabinetry, available through ProSource Wholesale Showrooms, offers finishes in cranberry and mandarin, red tones inspired by foods as colorful as they are flavorful.

If your idea of a perfect food enjoyment space is more subdued, using shades of brown will help you create a cozy atmosphere that encourages intimate gatherings. For a more expansive feel, using white as your dominant décor color can create a perfect stage to showcase colorful creations such as a fabulous piece of artwork or your favorite signature dish.

 When thinking about kitchen and dining room color opportunities, think beyond your walls. Floors, for example, are a canvas with incredible potential. From carpets to tile to hardwoods, the choices of colors and textures are endlessly inspiring. In your kitchen, elements like cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and fixtures are all elements you can use to add varying shades, surfaces and styles.

Add A Tasty Italian Accent

Just as certain colors have the ability to accelerate our appetites, some types of kitchen design seem to have an undeniable cultural connection with mouthwatering food, or unforgettable meals.

A popular example of this is Tuscan design, a perennial favorite for kitchens that invite cooks and guests alike to linger and relish in all things delicious.

This type of design tends to feel more rustic and homey, incorporating warm colors throughout. It also folds in natural, well-used elements such as hardwood or terra cotta tile floors, granite counters and even potted herbs on the windowsill (a touch both beautiful and practical).

The overall effect is welcoming and lovingly worn rather than shiny and brand new – a sign that good food is made and enjoyed here often.

Find A Table For Gathering

Just as Tuscan style invites groups of family and friends to enjoy good food, any area designated for dining should encourage a group to sit down together. If a new dining table is part of your project, keep in mind who’s coming to dinner – especially for holidays and other special events.

To protect your dining space from crowding, Pennsylvania-based interior decorator Shoshana Gosselin recommends leaving between 42” and 48” between your table and the walls or furniture around it.

 While the dimensions of many dining spaces often lead homeowners to choose rectangular or oval tables, a different shape might enhance your gatherings. For example, smaller square or round tables can create a more intimate setting.

If you tend to entertain larger groups, a rectangular table still might be your best bet, as larger tables that are square or round can make it impossible to share food, as well as conversation, across the table.

 For a party of eight, Gosselin suggests a seven-foot table, or a table that measures eight feet or longer for a party of 10. Surround it with comfortable chairs, and you’ll have a setting that that will entice your guests to sit, relax and savor.

 To help you create a room for enjoying delicious food and delightful company, your local ProSource Wholesale Showroom can provide kitchen design expertise along with an expansive array of flooring, cabinets, counters, backsplash tile, and even sinks and faucets.

 It’s a great place to start, for the ingredients you need to create your own remodeling recipe for success.

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