Fooling Your Friends With Flooring (They'll Never Know)

Consider these two very different conversations…

FRIEND: "I just love that new tile you have in the bathroom!"
YOU: "Um, that's vinyl actually."


FRIEND: "This new wood floor is gorgeous. It looks so rich."
YOU: "As it happens, it's not really wood." (Thank you, ProSource Wholesale!)

If you're the homeowner with the new flooring in either of these conversations, it's pretty obvious who you'd rather be. What's not so obvious is the type of floor covering used to pull off an opulent wood look on a tile budget. Or perhaps a laminate flooring budget. Or even a luxury vinyl tile budget.

The lesson here is that more homeowners are having their cake and eating it, too. That is, they are choosing one floor covering to achieve the look of a different; and for a variety of reasons. Budgets certainly can come into play, but not always.

Maybe you're dying for a wood floor in your bathroom, but due to the inherent moisture – not to mention an overflowing tub on occasion – real, quality hardwood is not feasible.

Let's face it: In a perfect world, we'd all have the exact flooring we want in each room of our home without a single consideration to budget, surrounding, Plan B or corner cutting. But that's not reality.

What is reality is that there are options. And while they aren't quite limitless, the options are many. Let's look at a few, keeping in mind that partnering with a ProSource Showroom in this endeavor can be an easy and wise decision.

Smart Substitution #1

Let's start with the dilemma mentioned above. Who wouldn't want hardwood flooring in a bathroom? As bathroom fixtures – from faucets to sinks to tubs to showers – become ever more elegantly designed, a stylish flooring choice is almost a must.

However, we all know what moisture can do to wood – even quality hardwood – over time. So why not opt for ceramic tile, an equally stylish choice?

ProSource Showrooms offer hundreds of tiles in various sizes, styles and textures; and all guaranteed to stand up to moisture better than hardwood. Even better, there are tile styles that look like hardwood, and vice versa. And they’re good enough to fool just about anyone’s eye test. So you can have the best of both worlds.

Smart Substitution #2

You've waited years to create your own space in the basement and the time is finally right. Or is it? Unfortunately, it's also the same time your wife has decided to start a home business. So now your soon-to-be-cool basement will be your man cave by night and Kiddie Care by day. Yikes!

That pretty much kills your idea for ceramic tile, as it’s a tad too hard for kids to play on daily. And carpet is out of the question with a spill possibility every 10 minutes. So, LVT to the rescue!

Luxury Vinyl Tile delivers the same sharp, sophisticated look as ceramic tile, while actually being softer and warmer to the foot. And next to ceramic tile, LVT's resistance to spills, scratches and general wear is incomparable.

Your guests would be stunned if they knew they were walking on vinyl – especially with looks of tile or wood – but your secret is safe with us.

Smart Substitution #3

Even though the vinyl flooring in your kitchen looks like it came in with The Beatles, it's only about half that age. Still, you've got new countertops and cabinets – it's time for new vinyl flooring. Wait, vinyl again?

Let's talk laminate, a flooring with the durability of vinyl without the budget requirements of more expensive floorcoverings. And don't think you're limited to just a few shades of…well, wood laminate. ProSource Wholesale carries a multitude of laminate varieties in a range of shades and textures that resemble wood, tile – the look you desire.

Why is this an attractive choice for the kitchen? Among other reasons, the surface resists stains and scratches, and cleanup is a snap.

Smart Substitution #4

You've replaced the old carpet in your living room with ceramic tile; now, it's time for your new media room. That is, until your know-it-all neighbor says, "Really? Tile? Can you imagine the echo?" The truth is you hadn't imagined the echo.

Many media rooms are carpeted with a darker carpet for acoustics. Carpet serves as a better sound deadening material for rooms where acoustic quality is demanded.

If your media room will be used as an entertainment space, such as a basement bar or game room, it is encouraged that the flooring be tile or hardwood, as these are more resilient in high traffic areas.

Let’s focus on hardwood. But not the old-school wood floor you may be thinking. We're talking contemporary and we're talking choice.

There is an abundance of hardwood varieties that will work beautifully with the most modern-looking of media rooms, not to mention provide a seamless style transition between your other rooms. Hey, this isn't your grandmother's wood floor! Plus, you'll get an audio ambience you wouldn't get with tile, as well as a wonderful feel to the foot.

As mentioned, there are a number of possibilities. Hopefully, this review of just a few of them gives you both hope and inspiration.

If you find a look you like, add the image to your myProSource Project Center. Your local ProSource Showroom can be vital resource when it comes to properly substituting flooring, as well as recommending a trade professional for the installation.

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