Green by Design: The Environmentally Friendly Home Project

As a homeowner, you are tugged in a number of ownership directions. There is no dearth of home projects that can call out to you, virtually every day.

If you believe in environmental stewardship, then you are acutely aware of the multitude of concerns and choices that impact your planning and budget decisions. Yet, there is good news, and even better news.

General Benefits Of Green Build And Renovation

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased property value
  • Tax incentives (credits and rebates)
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Cleaner, safer, healthier air/healthier interior environment

Practical Choices To Offset Your Eco-Friendly Home Spending

  • Priorities
  • Budget
  • Trade offs
  • Immediate, phased or scaled implementation

Financial Options To Help Your Eco Renovations
If you have the resources to start from scratch and build as eco-friendly a home as is currently available, that is wonderful. Or, you may have a strong desire to build or renovate this way, but your budget doesn’t currently reflect your greenest nature.

In either case, working with a certified green designer is a highly practical decision. Through them you will learn what your options are, and how to make the best choices that reflect your priorities and budget. For you, it may be best to create a scaled plan to further build on each subsequent green choice success.

Green By Design
There are eco-friendly interior designers certified to take a whole-house systems approach to green design. This practice not only factors in homeowner requirements and constraints and in-depth knowledge of environmental design, but also important local considerations like climate, availability of green products and services, and government mandates and support.

In fact, there is an entire discipline devoted to furthering sustainable design. ASID’s members, for example, are encouraged to become certified experts in the field:

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) on Sustainable Design

“Green design is design that goes beyond being just efficient, attractive, on time and on budget. It is a design that cares about how such goals are achieved, about its effect on people and on the environment. An environmentally responsible professional makes a commitment to constantly try to find ways to diminish design's impact on the world around us.” (Source: ASID website)

Per their website, ASID recognizes that sustainability should be an essential part of the interior designer's professional responsibilities. ASID acknowledges that sustainable interior design embraces:

  • Integrated building design developed by collaborative multi-disciplinary teams
  • Indoor environments that support occupant well-being and productivity
  • Resource and energy efficiency
  • Social equity at local and global levels
  • Protection of the natural environment
  • Positive economic impact of optimized operational and maintenance practices, and life-cycle cost assessments

Go Green With The National Association Of The Remodeling Industry (NARI)

Their certified green remodeling pros apply “building science as the foundation for green remodeling” projects, and work with the individual homeowner to create a plan that reflects the client’s unique situation.

However you go about your green build or remodel, know that there is a wealth of resources to help you create a home that increases its green value now and over time.

Partnering With Sustainable Flooring Manufacturers

ProSource Showrooms can give you insights into the environmentally friendly products available for your design. When it comes to flooring options, there are two companies that stand out for both their sustainable product lines and conscientious business practices.


What we make matters. Where others say, “It cant be done,” we invest in innovative product design and manufacturing processes that keep waste out of landfills, improve closed loop recycling and reduce environmental impact. Enabling you to stand on a better world and find choices that work for your residential and commercial projects. (Source: Mannington website)

Mannington was founded in 1915, in Salem, New Jersey, where it is still headquartered today. The company specializes in hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring, and has won more awards for style and performance than any other flooring company.

They operate and utilize 3.3 acres of over 3,900 solar panels on seven rooftops of various buildings throughout our New Jersey facility. Mannington has implemented energy efficiency projects that have resulted in nearly six million kWh savings and 4,239 tons of CO2e avoided annually.

Since 2010 Mannington has been a partner helping to reduce transit related carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide by improving the environmental performance of their freight operations. In 2013, Mannington received a SmartWay Excellence Award for their program performance and leadership.


“Shaws holistic approach to sustainability includes a strategic focus on our associates, customers and communities, products and operations through the lens of people, planet and profit.” (Source: Paul Murray, vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs at Shaw)

For forty years, Shaw has built its reputation producing carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring options — all while continually improving its manufacturing processes, investing in people and communities, and being diligent about environmental conservatorship.

Several of their porcelain tile collections are manufactured with the environment in mind. Each of these collections contains up to 40% post-industrial recycled content, which can come from:

  • Fine residues left over from the processing of industrial sand
  • Fired scrap tile that is reprocessed and used to make new tile
  • Glazes and other waste from tile processing
  • Post-consumer glass scrap leftover from discarded household glass containers

The ProSource Solution For Your Environmentally Friendly Project

All of this is to say that when you entrust your eco-friendly build or renovation project with ProSource Wholesale, you are in most excellent company. Our showrooms have worked with certified designers, remodelers, and manufacturers.

We understand your green aspirations and budget requirements, as well as your design preferences. Let us help you design the project that will literally let you breathe easier, while bringing you aesthetic joy every day.

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