Homeowners' Most Popular Kitchen And Bath Remodel FAQs Answered

Professional designers field questions all day long from homeowners planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Of the many questions asked, there are some that come up time and time again.

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions asked most commonly by homeowners, with answers from our own professional kitchen and bath designers, to help ease your mind and plan your remodeling project.

How long will it take for my kitchen/bathroom to be completed?

The time it takes to complete a kitchen or bathroom remodel largely depends on how carefully the plans were developed and how well thought out each detail was decided. Using a trade professional, such as those found at ProSource Wholesale, to help ensure materials were selected properly will ensure a quicker ordering process. Accurate plans will mean a smoother installation process.

Having a trade professional assist you with these critical steps truly does influence the length of a project, and determine whether there will be a need for pauses in work flow or wait times while plans or orders are readjusted. That being said, a typical kitchen remodel project with no major structural changes can take approximately four to six months.

Careful attention to detail and proper execution will not only influence timing and budget, but will have a positive influence on your end product – a beautifully remodeled kitchen or bathroom to enjoy for years to come!

How much can I plan on spending?

Most people have never remodeled a kitchen, or if they have it was 25 years ago and the kitchen landscape has changed drastically in that time. Does your room need a complete gut job or just a minor facelift?

According to Remodeling magazine’s latest report on 2015 national averages, a kitchen remodel can range from about $19,000 for a minor “face-lift” to more than $56,000 for a major remodel, depending on the value of your home.

A general rule of thumb, according to House Logic, is that major upgrades, such as a bathroom remodel, typically cost $100 to $200 per square foot.

How much walking space do I need in the work areas of my kitchen?

There are three primary work centers in every kitchen: The cooking area, the cleanup/prep area and the refrigeration area. The distances between these form what is known as a “work triangle.”

In your work triangle, the sum of the distances between each of these work centers should total no more than 26 feet. No leg of the work triangle should measure less than four feet or more than nine feet. Additional work centers should measure the same. No work triangle leg should intersect an island or peninsula by more than 12 inches.

How much countertop space do I need around areas such as the sink or the stove/cooktop?

You’ll want to include at least a 24 inch-wide landing area to one side of the sink and at least an 18 inch-wide landing area on the other side. Remember to include a section of continuous countertop at least 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep immediately next to a sink for food prep.

What’s in style?

Trends in home design tend to come and go with the seasons, but there are some that have staying power. We’ve compiled a list of these.

Which products offer the lowest maintenance?

Life has gotten a lot busier and families want to enjoy it and not having to always be cleaning up. It’s why so many manufacturers have developed low maintenance product lines, such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring that can withstand wear and tear and doesn’t require heavy duty cleaning, and grout-less shower systems that are easier to install and keep clean.

Review inspiration images and the hottest trends in flooring. Add what you like to your myProSource Project Center. Then contact your local ProSource Showroom, whose experts can help you.

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