How The Soft Glow Of Edison Bulbs Can Complete A Room

Whether you’re remodeling or simply updating any room, the type of lighting you choose is key to setting the right mood and enhancing core features like flooring, furniture and accent pieces. If you’re ready to adopt a contemporary-retro look, consider Edison bulb fixtures.

Inspired by the look of Thomas Edison’s original invention, these bulbs create a unique ambient glow that brings century-old charm into even the most modern designs. Use them with rubbed bronze fixtures for a nostalgic feel, or hang in globes above stone countertops to add an elegant touch. The possibilities are endless when you combine yesterday’s style with today’s designs.

Cast Light From The Floors To The Ceiling

The vintage feel in modern or contemporary rooms continues to grow in popularity. Rooms that incorporate reclaimed hardwood or other vintage inspired flooring create a cozy and welcoming environment when lit with the soft, ambient glow of Edison bulb lamps.

If you prefer to be a bit bolder with your flooring, consider mosaic tiles. The color options and patterns allow for your creativity to soar. You can even mix and match patterns to create a truly one of a kind space. Playing off of the patterns and colors, Edison bulb globes tie in well with this design aesthetic to enhance the shimmer of the tiles.

Vintage Candlelight Dinners

Edison bulbs have been popular in trendy restaurants for the past several years, adored by many patrons because of the candle-like light they emit. Now, by incorporating an Edison bulb chandelier in the dining room, you can enjoy the same romantic dinners with your spouse and friends without leaving the comfort of home.

Retro-Modern Kitchens

These antique-style bulbs look beautiful in clear glass globe pendants hung above modern kitchen islands. Edison lighting can be a wonderful aesthetic addition to your kitchen, but they do tend to emit warm, dim light. Because of this, you’ll want to keep both recessed and under-cabinet lighting in the plans so you can see well enough to perform cooking preparation tasks.

A Bold Space Filler

Groupings of multiple smaller Edison lights create a bold impact in areas with high ceilings. Clusters of tiny bulbs look gorgeous cascading down stairwells or hung high above hearth rooms. The soft lights act as a stopping point for the eye, illuminating the horizontal plane and creating an implied space.

In an area of your home where you’ve been thinking of filling a high empty space, consider adding an Edison pendant chandelier as a beautiful focal point.

Energy-Saving Benefits

When Edison light bulbs first hit the market, they took a lot of heat – literally. They required a large amount of power and emitted high levels of UV rays, making them dangerous to use around children. Recently, though, these bulbs are being offered as LED products that require much less energy and do not get nearly as hot. Now, homeowners can enjoy the looks of these trendy vintage fixtures while reaping the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting.

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