How To Choose The Perfect Sink For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make when beginning a kitchen remodeling project is selecting the perfect kitchen sink to go with your new cabinets. Choosing a sink that fits the design aesthetic of your cabinets will add to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

It may help to step back and determine into which design your new kitchen falls. Is your new room shaping up to be modern, with sleek stainless steel look cabinets, or will it be more traditional in design, with shaker style cabinetry? Maybe you’re going for a coastal vibe, with bead board or white washed cabinets.

Whatever your design preference, there are plenty of sink options from which to choose. These days, sinks are offered in a wide range of styles to suite every design and budget.

Decide whether you want your kitchen sink to be the focal point of your room, or if you prefer it to blend into the background. There are a few basic considerations to keep in mind when selecting your new sink: form, function, durability and price.


First and foremost, your new sink should fit the design of your new kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can’t step outside of the traditional design styles. In fact, mixing elements from different design families is a great way to add unique charm and personality to your new kitchen.

If you’re kitchen features contemporary bamboo cabinetry, consider a cast iron sink.

Dark, flat panel cabinets are another contemporary style. Try offsetting this trendy look with a natural stone sink for a contrast in designs – and a great way to draw attention to both your cabinets and your new sink.

If you prefer to make your furniture-inspired cabinets the center of attention, go with a simple stainless steel under-mount sink, or match the sink to the color of your countertops.

If your new kitchen will feature white bead board cabinetry, a stainless steel farmhouse sink would work beautifully as a focal point for your new room.


Your new sink should also be functional, fitting into your family’s lifestyle and the way you live in and use your kitchen. ProSource features sinks from the industry's leading manufacturers, offering one, two and three basin options to suite every lifestyle.


Your new sink must be highly durable. After all, this is something you’ll use day in and day out for many years to come. It needs to be able to hold up to constant use.

Stainless steel is a nearly indestructible, classic material. Cast iron is another highly durable choice. Both of these options will also work beautifully with any cabinet style you choose, from traditional to contemporary.


With the wide assortment available at your ProSource showroom, it’s easy to find a sink that fits within your budget. Know what style you’re looking for and how you’ll use your sink, and the pros at ProSource Wholesale will help you choose the best option within your budget.

Remember there are no hard and fast design rules to follow. Mixing elements from different design groups can be a great way to make your kitchen unique.

By focusing on form, function, durability and price, you’ll quickly narrow down the wide selection to a few options that best suit your kitchen and your family’s lifestyle. And whether you want a sink that blends quietly into the background or becomes a focal point of your kitchen, ProSource offers choices and colors to fit every budget.

ProSource makes it easy to design the kitchen of your dreams. Review inspiration images and add those you like to your myProSource Project Center. Then take advantage of our expert design services and get started today!

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