How to choose the right trade professional

Finding the right trade professional for your home remodeling project is not a simple task. Navigating the complex world of home improvement services can be daunting, even in the age of the internet.

While it offers reviews, recommendations, and information on the trade pros in your area, it does not always provide all the insight that you are looking for.

Understanding types of trade professionals

You also may be unsure as to what type of pro your remodel or new build requires. Here are some brief insights, as to some of the trade pros who can assist with your project:

  Contractor: A contractor is a person or organization hired by a client, in order to coordinate and execute the work required for the completion.
  Designer: A designer makes indoor spaces functional, beautiful, and safe by making décor selections validated by spatial requirements.
•  Remodeler: A remodeler is a specialized type of contractor that renovates, remodels, or restores homes and commercial buildings.
  Builder: A builder is a manager of other trade professionals designated to construct a house or addition, utilizing their ability to plan, detail orientation, drive, and wealth of knowledge on each facet of the process.
  Installer: An installer assembles signature fixtures, flooring, wall tile, cabinets, countertops, and equipment in a client’s home build, remodel, or redesign.

Why do you need a trade professional

No matter the changes that you are making to a space, you likely are not an expert in making those modifications, despite having a vision of what you would like to accomplish. Taking a step back and reassessing the process requires the humility to put your vision in the hands of someone more experienced with managing and executing on a design vision; someone like a trade professional. For example, if you are interested in remodeling a bathroom, there are many factors to consider. 

You need to understand how the plumbing works and that the water needs to turned off, in order to make any necessary adjustments. You need to understand the construction of your home, in order to ensure yours and your family’s safety during any demolition. Installation of each material or item carries their own complexity, including flooring, wall tile, vanities, toilets, tubs and showers.

Even if accomplishing these tasks are done with limited-to-no mistakes, choosing the right supplies requires an understanding of installation, as well as expertise with how measurements and intricacies in the design can affect the space and budget.

Leaving the remodel to your own proficiencies is leaving the remodel to chance. When utilizing a trade pro, such as the members at ProSource Wholesale®, it is vital that you do your due diligence and engage in an interview process, in order to make sure that the candidate you choose is right for the role.

Selecting the right trade professional

Deciding on the candidate to undergo your home project requires an understanding of your needs, as well as the capabilities of the of the trade pro. This requires conducting interviews, , and learning more about each candidate’s background and training. You should be able to view a portfolio of their recent work, as well as check their references.

Once you have made your selection, it is paramount that the trade professional inspect the space in question, allowing them the opportunity to take measurements and speak with you regarding the design vision. From there, you will be able to engage in the start of the process.

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