Metal "Steels" The Spotlight In Kitchens

As contemporary designs continue to gain in popularity, so do high gloss surfaces, particularly in the kitchen. High gloss finishes are ever-present in contemporary style along with polished floors and chrome hardware which reflect the natural light that is a predominant aspect of the style.

Simplistic, smooth and reflective surfaces make the room feel more open and spacious.

In addition to a polished surface, metallic finishes such as stainless steel are finding their way from their industrial beginnings into many modern cabinet designs.

Cabinet Colors

Mixing and matching metals with colors or wood finishes gives you ample design options to fit your taste. If creative color is your cup of tea, aluminum cabinets give you the opportunity to create a sleek, contemporary kitchen design when painted with a high gloss finish in the color of your choice. The surfaces of these cabinets are often smooth and angular for a more European look.

If contemporary isn’t your style, a more transitional option can be created using bare aluminum or stainless steel cabinetry in combination with a wood finish for softer take on modern styling. The natural wood will soften and warm the look of the contrasting metallic cabinets for the perfect balance of modern of earthy elements.

Another way to add a hint of softness to metallic cabinetry is by incorporating glass inserts, especially a frosted style.

Countertops And Backsplash

For the bold homeowner, stainless steel countertops are another option to add to wood cabinetry for a sleek, somewhat contemporary feel. While too much metal may feel sterile, using a metal look countertop on an island or in combination with wood cabinets is a great way to balance the room.

For a slightly more subtle addition of metal, stainless steel backsplash options are now available as well. You can mix and match stainless steel backsplash tiles with regular porcelain tile or go with metal throughout, depending on the look you’re attempting to achieve.

These backsplashes often pair well with glass tile or even iridescent finishes if you’re looking for a polished pop of color. Metal trim is another great way to incorporate small hints of metallic finishes.

Finishing Touches

There are other ways to incorporate metals and metallic finishes into a design though. Some of the finishing touches that are often afterthoughts include your cabinet’s hardware and plumbing fixtures.

The style of knobs and pulls you choose can make a big or subtle statement.

Larger hardware in polished chrome can steal the show - or perhaps gold, if you’re into something a tad more trendy. Brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze make for slightly more understated appeal.

And don’t forget about where the water flows. Choosing a metal for your kitchen faucet or sink is fairly common, but it shouldn’t be ignored as a design element.

Mix And Match

Not all of the metals in your kitchen have to match - mixing metals such as copper and stainless steel can create gorgeous combinations. Mix it up with your backsplash, your lighting, or even your knobs and pulls.

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