ProSource Pros Spotlight: Don Burns, Builder Member, ProSource of Tempe

Don Burns is a builder member at ProSource of Tempe. Below, she shares her insights on how she brings clients dreams to reality with ProSource Wholesale®.

Tell us about your job as a builder.
In high school, I entered a construction trade school. Then, I gained construction experience as a framing carpenter, where I developed an eye for quality, craftsmanship, and artistic design. In 2011, I started Cactus Valley Homes to further develop my talents and master the building of unique and elegant homes with innovative and impressive features in both new custom builds and renovations.

Who do you partner with to serve your customers?
We have an in-house designer who works with our suppliers. One of our suppliers is ProSource Wholesale®, who supplies everything we need in a one-stop location that makes it easy for our clients.

What are the hottest home trends right now?
Today’s clients are looking for fine line and modern themes. The traditional style is starting to become a secondary choice. Clients are opting for large-format tile with 1/16” grout joints to make their spaces look larger.

What are some of the toughest challenges facing your clients, and how can you help?
Timelines. We explain to everyone that lead times on materials have extended. We schedule trades for the entire project at the time of contract signing, which helps cut down on delays.

What’s one thing you wish your customers could know about building a home?
Three attributes that make for a successful project are: 1) attention to detail; 2) high level of quality of the finished project; and 3) good communication throughout Expressing your visions, dreams, styles, and how you live helps us create a dream home that fulfills your needs.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
When the project is completed, we know that our team has done their best, and the client is ecstatic. It is a great feeling to hear their project turned out better than they dreamed possible.


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