ProSource Pros Spotlight: Jacque F., Designer Member, ProSource of Bloomington

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – 4 Keys To A Happy Remodeling Relationship 

At ProSource, we love our trade pro members. And they love us back, because we help them give their clients great service, and great results.

Jacque Fryklund of Minneapolis-based Especially for you Designs is one of those trade pro members. Jacque owns a multi-faceted company that meets the needs of residential and commercial clients, through projects ranging from interior design to full-scale remodeling. No matter what the size of the project, the MN ProSource of Bloomington wholesale showroom is a partner she can count on.

What makes this partnership work so well? Here’s how ProSource satisfies Jacque’s top four relationship must-haves:

1.  A “One And Only” Connection

“I enjoy getting to know my clients on a personal level so I can better understand and help them,” Jacque says. When she calls ProSource, she gets that same personal connection from Jaime, her account manager.

Jacque describes her as “very responsible and knowledgeable.” And no wonder.  

Because ProSource account managers are committed to creating long-term relationships with trade pro members, their goal is to know your clients and projects as well as anyone on your crew. So that they can truly work as an extension of your business.

2.  Complete Support

As a small business owner, Jacque states, “I take ownership of each and every project and my clients know they can always call if something comes up. I believe in ‘100% satisfaction.’”

To provide her clients with that level of support, Jacque relies on the support she gets from ProSource. “ProSource assists us in many ways... the staff is knowledgeable with their multiple product lines, and provide a wide magnitude of selections including tile/carpet/cabinetry/etc. to help me give the client a ‘visual’ feel,” she says.

Expert design help for kitchen and bath projects is another way ProSource supports members and their clients. Jacque affirms that Melissa, Bloomington’s kitchen designer, “is very good at providing drawings showing unique layouts.”

3.  A Place To Belong

Trade pros know that the experience of remodeling can be a lot for clients to handle – and that showrooms can add to that feeling. That’s why Jacque appreciates her local ProSource showroom. “ProSource offers a warm environment when it could be a very overwhelming experience to my clients,” she explains. “The staff is not high pressure and can assist me in offering my clients many alternatives.”

Another advantage that trade pros enjoy is ProKey™, which gives members privileged access to their local ProSource Wholesale Showroom. This allows members the flexibility to use ProSource showrooms as their own, to set up meetings with clients outside of normal operating hours. And of course, members and their clients also have around-the-clock access to the ProSource online product catalog.

4.  Mutual Trust

Jacque trusts that the ProSource of Bloomington Showroom will have the products her clients want. But even in the best showroom it can be hard to know which choice is the best choice. That’s why ProSource returns that trust, by allowing members and their clients to check out product samples, and view them where they will be installed. So in the case of this kitchen remodel, the clients can see how the tile and countertop materials will look in the natural light from the kitchen window.

“The ability to take home samples is key,” Jacque states. “This gives them a ‘visual’ feel in their environment.”

How do members like Jacque love ProSource? We’ve counted four ways… and there are many more. Because at ProSource, our goal is to support all of the ways trade pros like you love your clients. Because you deserve a partner who works as hard as you do.


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