ProSource Pros Spotlight: Teresa Gilberg, Remodeler Member, ProSource of Sugarland

Teresa Gilberg is a remodeler member at ProSource of Sugarland. Below, she shares her insights on how she brings clients dreams to reality with ProSource Wholesale®.

Tell us about your job as a remodeler.
I started at a big box store, doing work with the crews in the field. I learned everything needed to make a leap of faith to go into business for myself. I’ve had my own business for over seven years and specialize in residential kitchen and bath remodels.

Who do you partner with to serve your customers?
ProSource Wholesale is one of my business partners. Christine, in particular, takes care of all of my clients’ needs. I like working with Byron and Wazeer as well. The entire team provides my customers with red carpet service. When I learn the scope of the project, I provide my clients with a tip sheet that explains the many services provided by ProSource. Christine then meets with them to help choose their materials. ProSource is such a big part of my success.

What are the hottest home remodeling trends right now?
Removing walls and creating open spaces
Expanding a kitchen 
Optimizing space in a bathroom
Quartz countertops

What are some of the toughest challenges facing your clients, and how can you help?
Clients become overwhelmed when they embark on a remodeling project. It’s wonderful to be able to advise them that they are not alone in this process. I send an email to Christine, and introduce the client to ProSource and its many services. I can see the stress start to melt away. I’m able to create a ProSource client for life.

What’s one thing you wish your customers could know about home remodeling and renovating?
You do not have to do this alone. The services offered by ProSource help jumpstart the project and guarantee a seamless process with a beautiful outcome. It’s a one-stop shop.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
I love the customer service and the finished product. Happy clients beget referrals and repeats.


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