ProSource Staff Spotlight: Aly Davis, Account Manager, ProSource of Mobile

Since it opened its doors in 2010, the ProSource showroom in Mobile, Alabama has helped trade pro members and their clients complete successful projects. Aly Davis serves as an account manager, consistently providing the dedicated, personalized service for which ProSource Wholesale is known.

How long have you worked for ProSource Wholesale?
I started working for ProSource in March of 2013, just after Hurricane Katrina. I started out in the warehouse before moving to the account manager side. Most of my members and clients are in new construction.

What’s your favorite part of being a team member at ProSource Wholesale?
ProSource is just an awesome business model. It offers great support and guidance, with actively involved owners. We all care about each other, going above and beyond for each other. We see the bigger picture and want everyone to have the best service. It’s a great environment where we support one another and cheer each other on.

What trends do you see developing with regard to home remodeling, especially with kitchens and bathrooms?
This is a traditional, reserved market, but there are some trends, like free standing tubs, that have taken hold. People are doing away with tile in their kitchen, choosing hardwood or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) instead. In fact, some homeowners are doing their entire houses in LVT, which is a huge jump from just a few years ago. The wood look is the most popular.

What trends are you seeing with regard to products (what’s being purchased and manufactured)?
We’ll get pictures from clients of what they love most in new flooring trends. Those products can be found in our showroom. ProSource is at the forefront of trends. Large hexagon, 7 to 8 inch solid color tiles, pattern tiles, cement and affordable hardwood are all popular right now.

What’s most important to your customers when working with you?

Every project is as unique as a fingerprint, so it totally depends on the customer and the project.

Describe the ProSource customer experience. What does it look like or entail? How does the service you offer at ProSource Wholesale differ from other kitchen and bath stores?
I like to sit down with my customer, whether it’s a remodel or new construction, and have a conversation. I’ll ask about pets, kids, and their lifestyle. I learn a great deal this way. Maybe they have the budget for hardwood, but LVT might be a better fit based on their home life.

Then we’ll take a walk through the showroom and talk about construction, price points, pros and cons. The level of care and detail, combined with our knowledge and experience, is what makes ProSource stand apart.

I like to be involved wherever it may help. For example, while we don’t sell paint, I’m typically involved in my clients’ paint selection process. It takes the weight of decision-making off of them. I’ll use sketches to help clients visualize a space—anything that makes the process easier for them.

What are your customers’ most frequent questions or concerns, and how do you address them?
I do my best to answer my client’s questions thoroughly. We might be looking at a particular tile or LVT and they’ll ask, “Does it scratch?” I’ll say, “Grab your keys and let’s see!” I want them to have what’s right, not what gets me a larger sale. I tend to get emotionally involved in all my projects.

One of my members is a builder; a single dad with a 15-year-old daughter. Somehow, we got on the topic of nails during a conversation, and he expressed an interest in finding a nail kit for his daughter for Christmas. I put together a kit online for him. After the holidays, he sent me a video of his daughter opening the gift on Christmas morning. I was so touched! I truly care about my clients and their families. Developing those relationships means a great deal to me.

Do you have a favorite customer project? What makes it stand out?
I love them all! I love to be creative, experiment with new designs, and fun ways to lay tile that we haven’t seen yet. As long as the customer is happy, I’m happy. But two favorites do come to mind.

The first was a wedding venue that I co-designed. We created a space with natural stone that even included a glass waterfall. It was stunning!

The second was a beach house for a client. They brought in an inspiration photo and we just ran with it! It was a highly-custom project that had little extra touches everywhere—including an octopus bowl sink and ceramic turtles in the master shower.

We’re so invested in our homes—these projects can definitely get emotional.

What’s one piece of advice you would advocate to clients (homeowners) before they begin a project?
For someone who doesn’t know where to start, I’d recommend creating an online account like the myProSource feature. Start an project idea book and share it with your designer or other trade pro. Even if all the images feel very different to you, we can find common themes that help us understand what you’re after.

The other piece of advice I’d give is to be realistic about expectations. I tell my clients, “What you’re about to go through is organized chaos. It might be messy, but in the end, it’ll come together exactly as planned. Just enjoy, and trust in, the process!”


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