ProSource Staff Spotlight: Samantha Castillo, Kitchen and Bath Designer, ProSource of Milwaukee

ProSource of Milwaukee has helped trade pro members and their clients complete successful projects since 1994. As a showroom kitchen and bath designer, Samantha Castillo is a part of that process, providing the dedicated, personalized service for which ProSource Wholesale is known.

Tell us about your job as a ProSource Wholesale® kitchen and bath designer.
As kitchen and bath designer for ProSource Wholesale, I’m involved with a customer’s project from concept to completion. I’m able to provide input on almost every surface material that can be used within a space. I enjoy being able to design, order, coordinate delivery, and help with problem solving.

Who do you partner with to serve your customers?
I’ve built many meaningful relationships with our local manufacturer reps and fabricators. Having these valuable connections is crucial to providing the highest level of customer service.

What are the hottest kitchen and bath design trends right now?
Customers are requesting to warm up their spaces. Creating layered designs by mixing and matching textures, finishes, and lighting helps bring more visual interest and design depth to what used to be stark spaces. Our customers are also taking interest in customizing their spaces for their needs, using organizational features that will make daily activities more convenient.

What are some of the toughest challenges facing your clients, and how can you help?
The toughest challenge is understanding how much of a financial investment a kitchen or bath remodel can be. We are here to help by assisting them with product selections that are appropriate for their budget, timeline, functional needs, and aesthetics.

What’s one thing you wish your customers could know about kitchen and bath design?
We ask specific questions about design preferences and how a space is used so we can construct an end product that completely satisfies the client.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?
Seeing the joy on a customer’s face is priceless. Knowing that the customer is going to live and create memories in that space makes it all worth it.


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