Rebirth, Renewal, Rejuvenation: Colors Of The Year For 2022 Embrace Vitality

The design community is ready for renewal and creative energy, and thinks the rest of the world is, too. Color trend predictions for 2022 have coalesced into lovely variations of green, with the exception of one outlier. True to form, Pantone goes against the grain in its selection, yet a common thread of vitality and revival weaves through all color predictions.

Color experts have noted a kind of cultural hibernation as many of us have turned inward to house and home during the pandemic. But as we cross the threshold into the new year, there’s a new anticipation and spirit of optimism.

Experts concur that their 2022 selections represent the natural expression of this outlook, rooted in a collective energy that’s ripe for exploration, discovery and creation. With this positivity in mind, we’re taking a closer look at the colors of the year and how to incorporate them into the home.

Breezeway by Behr®

Breezeway is the 2022 color of the year from Behr

Calm, cool and collected. Behr’s color of the year is Breezeway and it’s a refreshing whisper of a hue that soothes. With its light mint base and a feathery gray undertone, it has power to both transform a room or act as a supporting player, depending on the application.

Sea glass and feelings of tranquility inspired this year’s pick. There’s also the spirit of renewal and discovery.

“Breezeway inspires us to fully embrace the hobbies or adventures, both near and far, that excite us,” says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint Company. “We look forward to a color that welcomes a hopeful sense of renewal, restoration and healing.”

How To Use It:
Breezeway is awash in possibility and can work equally well in a traditionally styled space or in one with a more vintage flair.

Product Ideas:
Create a spa-inspired bath with Daltile glass tile in Whisper Green or Emser Tile in Spark color.

Set a relaxed tone in the living room or bedroom with Masland Reverie carpet.

Offer a contrast with a dark shade flooring like RevWood Select Rare Vintage laminate.

October Mist by Benjamin Moore®

October Mist is the 2022 color of the year from Benjamin Moore

With hints of brown and silver, Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is a grounding sage that can make any space look inviting. It’s a fantastic base color that’s a jumping off point for creativity, a foundational layer for rich textural neutrals or pops of bright hues.

October Mist is a refined hue that evokes a pleasing combination of stability and serenity.

“October Mist 1495 and the corresponding color trends 2022 palette reflects an effortless harmony of colors, while inspiring unique combinations for any paint project,” says Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore director of color marketing and development.

How To Use It:
October Mist can be the star of the color show or a lovely supporting actor, depending on how much it’s used throughout a room. A rich berber carpet, textured tile, or a bathroom vanity would do well with this shade. Green kitchen cabinets are a trend that appears here to stay, and October Mist is a safer way to incorporate this popular trend.

Product Ideas:
In the bathroom, a James Martin Brittany vanity in Sage Green creates a serene place to get ready for the day.

Soft and sumptuous, Masland Seurat carpet in Sage can help ground and frame a space.

A pop of color with Daltile glass tile in Green Parade offers a sophisticated vibrancy to a kitchen or bath.

Cypress Garden by Dutch Boy®

Cypress Garden is the 2022 color of the year from Dutch Boy

For those who desire to bring elements of nature inside the home, Cypress Garden by Dutch Boy is an olive green that’s harmonious with biophilic design that’s become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Communing in nature brings notable health benefits, so it’s only natural to want to bring organic themes into the home, including this uplifting shade of green.

“Inspired by nature, Cypress Garden can infuse serenity into our daily schedules with a gentle color that embraces both warm and cool undertones in wood and accents," says Ashley Banbury, NCIDQ, senior color designer for Dutch Boy Paints

This harmonious hue plays well with others and, depending on the shade, can work well on the warm and cool color spectrums. Its versatility is matched only by its mood-producing effects. It’s grounding and earthy while stimulating feelings of serenity.

How To Use It:
Understated yet elegant, this shade brings an energetic and organic feel to interiors. Coordinate Cypress Garden with bright or creamy whites, warm woods and a nature-inspired palette.

Product Ideas:
Complement Cypress Garden design features in the kitchen with Decora cabinets in Kashmir.

Showcase this nature-inspired color with carpet inspired by nature, like Resista 3.0 Perfect Patch.

Medium-toned flooring offers a warm and pleasing contrast to this shade of green, like Armstrong Flooring Pryzm – Antiqued Oak luxury vinyl plank.

Guacamole by Glidden®

Guacamole is the 2022 color of the year from Glidden

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy guac and chips, which is almost the same thing. Glidden’s tapping into all that’s cheerful with an avocado shade that’s full of optimism. Guacamole is their color of the year, and this light creamy green brings a combination of energy and calm to any room in the home. It’s also becoming wildly popular, as noted in a recent Harris Poll conducted for Glidden — 62% of Americans surveyed said they’d consider using green paint in their homes.

“We’ve all saved beautiful green kitchens and earthy-inspired bedrooms on our Pinterest boards and TikToks over the past year and a half, driven by our need for calm, regrowth and rejuvenation after living through these ‘unprecedented times,’” said Kim Perry, Glidden paint color expert.

This adaptable color is the great balancer in color psychology between the cerebral and emotional. Guacamole offers a harmonious blend of energy and tranquility throughout the home.

How To Use It:
Guacamole brings a splash of playful green to kitchen cabinets and backsplashes. Or create a dreamy and soothing primary bathroom with Guacamole-inspired wall or floor tile. For all-over color, incorporate this shade as a stunning carpet with light honey-toned wood accents and a high-contrast white or cream.

Product Ideas:
Put some green back in the kitchen with Kitchen Craft cabinets in Wasabi Green.

Complementary hardware is key, like a brushed satin nickel Sanctuary II Pull from Top Knobs.

Bring out the undertones of this shade underfoot with COREtec Plus Design vinyl plank in Accolade.

Very Peri by Pantone®
Pantone can always be counted on to bring the unexpected, and their annual color pick is surprising yet fully captures the spirit of the moment. Very Peri seeks to embrace our connection to the possibilities of the digital world as we embark on new ways of living, working and creating.

With its blue base and red and violet undertones, the color “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous activity and imaginative expressions,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Its periwinkle base straddles color psychology and our pervasive digital landscape, calling up a sense of serenity alongside images of digital gaming and metaverse. There’s also an inherent playfulness about this color that evokes a sense of whimsy and humor.

“Very Peri is a rich purple that is alive, a racecar of a color that can be delightful or overwhelming, depending on its use,” says Majorie Bergen of Working-Bergen Interiors. “Very Peri is vibrant and active, however, so a little will go a long way.

How To Use It:
Very Peri makes for eye-catching elements that make a statement, like artwork, textural features and decorative accents. If painted walls are what’s sought, coordinate with neutrals or complementary colors that bring out the nuances of this show stopping shade.

Product Ideas:
Create high contrast in the bath with classic white subway tile by Emser.

Give a powder room a little pick me up with a glossy white James Martin vanity that incorporates warm rattan and a brass faucet pull.

Metallics are a natural fit with Very Peri, like this James Martin gold-framed mirror, that add warmth and reflect light throughout a room.

Olive Spring by PPG Paints®
If an understated yet sophisticated look is the goal, opt for an Instagram-worthy combination of soft green and gray, like PPG Paints’ Olive Sprig.

Amy Donato, senior color marketing manager at PPG Paint, speaks to its nuanced energy. “Olive Sprig is a relaxed but enticing green that emulates the feeling of soothing aloe vera or a fragrant plant – brightening any space with organic liveliness. A versatile color that lives well inside or outside, Olive Sprig blends in with nearly any environment.”

A team player that plays well with others, this muted hue calls up relaxing afternoons in the garden and tranquil moments. Whispers of gray and brown impart a nuanced richness ideal for peaceful bedroom retreats and primary bath sanctuaries.

How To Use It:
When paired with a soft blue or creamy gray, Olive Sprig can liven up and elevate a contemporary, traditional or transitional kitchen. Elevate a space with warm wood tones and gold accents.

Product Ideas:
Complementary flooring will bring out the liveliness of this green shade. A lighter-toned tile would make it pop, like the Marazzi porcelain tile in Purity with hints of ash mingled with light beige.

Contrast Olive Spring with cabinets in various shades of off-white or cream, like Diamond Anden cabinets in Dover/Amaretto Cream.

Opt for the cooler side of the spectrum with Harding Home hardwood in Windy Oak.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams®

Evergreen Fog is the 2022 color of the year from Sherwin-Williams

In a time of uncertainty and upheaval, more people are looking to their homes to provide a source of comfort and calm. Sherwin-Williams’ Evergreen Fog is a shade of green that’s soothingly familiar and affirming.

“Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Evergreen Fog inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors.”

Infused with a woodsy and organic feel, Evergreen Fog is earthy, grounded and refined that’s design-forward and optimistic. It encourages inspiration to take root and creativity to take flight. Its green-gray base has a touch of blue, creating a versatile mid tone that could elevate most styles and motifs.

How To Use It:
Evergreen Fog works equally well with cool and warm complementing colors. It pairs well with saddle leather, creamy whites, rich cognac or honey tones.

Product Ideas:
Incorporate materials that amp up the chic factor in the kitchen, like this engineered stone backsplash from Emser Tile.

Small details can make a big impact. Eye-catching hardware, like the Atlas Tom Tom Knob in Warm Brass, offers an elevated counterpoint to this relaxed hue.

Flooring that’s full of warmth can be a grounding element for this shade of green. A hardwood flooring, like Resista Plus H2O Beech Mountain, offers a long-lasting style that’s more resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations.

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