Refined Mixed Materials: Leverage This Design Trend In A Kitchen Remodel

Designers are mixing it up, moving away from established design styles toward a more customized approach. New trends enable homeowners to mix their favorite materials, textures, colors, and patterns for one-of-a-kind results. And the kitchen – the heart of the home – is the best place to showcase that personal style.

“Mixing materials in the kitchen adds depth to your design and creates layers that make the space feel inviting,” says designer Nikki James of Ashton Woods Dallas. James likes the novelty of placing a stained woodgrain range hood among a wall of trendy white cabinets. Or the unexpectedness of mixing rough industrial material like brick with a sleek material like quartz. “The key is to make sure the materials are complementary, not competing,” James says.

When mixing materials, keep the overall design in mind and try not to get lost in the various components. “Balance dark materials, such as soapstone countertops, with light cabinets, blend in a marble backsplash, and add warmth with wood floors,” says Krystle Pickens, principal designer at DBK Home. Then mix polished chrome faucets with matte black metal light fixtures for visual interest.

In the kitchen, mixing metals can be particularly appealing. “Layering a variety of metal finishes adds depth and keeps interiors fresh, whether the materials are incorporated through accessories or more permanent hardware elements,” says Elissa Morgante of Morgante Wilson Architects. “The trick is to mix artfully, or a room can end up looking as though you neglected to think things through.”

The mixed materials design trend offers creativity and a break from cookie-cutter design. It lets homeowners break the rules, experiment with styles, and incorporate beloved materials into any design.

The goal is not a matchy once-and-done kitchen – it’s a beautiful, personalized space that’s fluid, evolving, and ever-changing. The possibilities are endless!

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