Seeing Double: Where Two Can Be Better Than One

When homeowners today are planning remodeling projects, they’re often doing more than just refreshing and upgrading items like sinks, counters and showers. They’re also opting for seconds.

There are several spaces in the scope of bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects where two is truly twice as nice.

Bathroom Sinks And Vanities

As anyone who shares a bathroom (and especially a bathroom sink) knows, a second sink is a “must include” upgrade in a bathroom remodeling project. When multiple people are sharing a bathroom, a second sink can be the difference between war and peace … not to mention a more speedy morning routine.

A bathroom vanity with two sinks also provides double the counter space. Depending on the vanity you choose, you can also double your vanity cabinet storage space.

If your bathroom design allows you to add a second sink, or you’re looking for ways to improve on your current two-sink arrangement, a design professional such as the experts at your local ProSource Showroom can help you make the most of your space.

Bathroom Showerheads

Do you want your shower to feel like a gentle rain … or an invigorating, pulsating massage? Why settle for just one when you can have both? Including more than one showerhead is a popular trend for shower remodel projects.

A second shower head gives you the option of choosing between shower sensations, or to opt for a showerhead you can hold in your hand. These hand-held showerheads are often mounted on the shower wall and can be reached from a seated position, for easier access.

Kitchen Sinks

If your kitchen plays host to more than one cook or the occasional dinner party, a second sink can be a real lifesaver. More and more homeowners who complete a kitchen remodel are including a second sink to help keep meal prep moving more smoothly.

A second sink can also be a bartender’s best friend, providing a place to rinse glasses and to add that critical splash of water to a cocktail.

When dinner is over and the main sink is filled with dirty dishes, a second sink ensures that you’ll still have a clean place to prepare after-dinner coffee and dessert. And of course, two sinks mean cleanup can go twice as fast – provided you have a second set of hands willing to work at that second sink.

Kitchen Counters

Every homeowner who takes on a kitchen remodel project wants more counter space. Including an island in your kitchen design can provide a second countertop for food prep, dining or simply hanging out and visiting the cook.

Some kitchen designs also include two counter heights, creating inviting spaces for eating and gathering that are artistically separated from food prep areas.

Review inspiration and the online catalog of kitchen and bath products. Find the look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center to share with your friends and, of course, your trade professional.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your bathroom or kitchen remodel twice as nice, by doubling up on things that will certainly add value, as well as functionality, to your rooms. Just as important, these features times two will double your pleasure, every time you use them.

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