Still Seeing White

Dreaming of a white room redo? You don’t need to wait for the first snow to enjoy the serene beauty of a landscape defined by white, in your own home.

A Timeless Choice

Some colors go in or out of style like the changing seasons. (Remember avocado green kitchens?) But white continues to be an on-trend choice for both homeowners and designers. “White is empowering as it offers a blank canvas, allowing for an airy timeless feel to a room,” says Dallas, Texas-based interior designer Charmaine Wynter.

White is not only timeless; its clean, uncomplicated feel makes it endlessly versatile. “Having all-white walls and furniture allows you to easily update a room by switching out the accent pieces, such as throw pillows, art, and decorative accessories,” interior designer Tiffani Stutzman tells her clients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “For spring, you might consider adding pops of bright yellow or green, but switch to a more subdued palette of darker blues or reds as the weather turns cooler.” She adds, “Having all-white walls can be a fantastic way to showcase art! You can decorate with art that contains multiple bright colors and still have the space feel cohesive.”

While white can be a perfect foundation for any room, it is a perpetual favorite for kitchens, according to Jason Landau, an interior designer based in Briarcliff Manor, New York. “A white painted kitchen is like a black dress,” he explains. “You can wear it with pearls to look conservative or cool diamonds to look trendy.” He describes elements including flooring, lighting and hardware as opportunities to “accessorize” the look of a white kitchen.

White cabinets are a perfect foundation for building a fabulous kitchen space that can feature any combination of colors, textures and materials. Does your vision include vibrant hues or natural neutrals? Sleek modern stainless or majestic bronze with rustic exposed brick? Modern large-format tile or vintage distressed hardwood? No matter what your style, it can pair perfectly with white.  

Putting White To Work For You

How can you use the color white to create a spectacular room renovation? White walls allow you to begin with a beautiful backdrop. Beverly Solomon of Beverly Solomon Design recommends choosing a white paint that is commonly available at major retailers. She also suggests keeping a can of the exact formula and finish handy for touchups. Why? Because white is not one color, but many. “There are so many tiny variations in white by various companies that matching the exact white can be nearly impossible,” she cautions.

A wintry white room doesn’t have to be a stark, cold room… if you style it right. For a cozier feel, Wynter suggests mixing in white finishes that are distressed, like milk paint, or chipped and peeling, like vintage woods. Adding colorful accents in gold or jewel tones can also add warmth and energy. Stutzman likes to blend in items that enhance interest through texture. “Pieces with great texture can include natural sisal carpet, woven baskets, reclaimed wood tables, or rustic metal lighting,” she says.

Stutzman also challenges homeowners to consider using white fabric on furniture. With the availability of high-performance fabrics designed to release stains and repel spills, a white sofa no longer needs to be reserved for a formal living room. The same is now true for carpeting, giving homeowners permission to go light, even in high-traffic areas. You can't go wrong choosing Vanilla Bean wool berber or Raw Silk frieze. If you’re thinking instead of a hard-surface floor, you’ll be happy to know that light wood floors are making a comeback, and are a great match for white-inspired room designs.

One multifaceted color… and so many ways to use it. How will you start? Visit inspiration for photos and details to inspire you, and open an account to help your organize your project. Then connect with your ProSource Wholesale Showroom for products and expertise to help you make a white-inspired room your home’s new highlight.

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