The Growing Popularity Of Contemporary Design

Contemporary design, also known as European design, is growing rapidly in popularity in the United States.

It includes elements from a variety of styles from the latter half of the twentieth century. Many of these elements are similar to that of modern design, with clean simplicity as a main focus, but without the hard edges.

Going back to the basics and keeping it simple with a nice flow are some of the focal points of contemporary. “Less is more” is the motto of this design style, utilizing neutral colors with minimal accents, airy furniture, recessed or track lighting and art deco lamps and abundant natural light. Clutter is a no-no.

In all contemporary rooms, natural materials like hardwood are mixed with metal and natural fibers. Geometric shapes, occasionally with rounded edges, are incorporated into the furniture design, flooring and cabinetry. Large windows take center stage to provide plenty of natural lighting.

Contemporary Kitchens And Baths

Today we’re seeing more and more of this style, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens.

Contemporary cabinets with flat faces and minimalistic hardware simplify bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets. Slender mosaic tile backsplashes add to the ambience with clean lines and provide an outlet for patterns.

Hardwood floors with a low-contrast grain pattern in natural wood tones are often a prominent feature in contemporary designs as well, but a polished tile floor can also create the same effect. Area rugs are often used minimally and tend toward natural fibers in neutral tones.

High gloss is another aspect that is ever-present in contemporary design, such as polished floors and chrome hardware which reflect the natural light we already mentioned, making the room feel even more open and spacious.

In contemporary kitchens, cutting edge appliances are a must since the very essence of its design is “in the moment.” The same goes for contemporary bathrooms where walk-in showers and rain heads are extremely popular along with glass showers and free-standing, simplistically designed tubs.

Other Areas Of The House

Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t the only place this design style is cropping up, however. More and more living rooms are incorporating hints of simplistic, contemporary design, if not going all out. You’ll also find this design in the master bedroom and master bathroom.

Decorative lighting is often used as an accent or major focal point in this design, as well as over-sized abstract art.

The great thing about contemporary design, and perhaps one of the reasons it is becoming so popular, is that you can incorporate other design elements into it to either tone it up, or soften it, depending on your personal style and taste.

Review inspiration and the product catalog to find the contemporary look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center to share with your friends and, of course, your trade professional.

Always remember that ProSource is your one-stop source for cabinets, countertops, flooring and more for the entire house, bringing your contemporary taste to fruition.

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