The Millennial Effect: 3 Things To Consider That Enhance Home Resale

ProSource | 5/2/2017 | Expert Advice

According to the Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends, half of the homebuyers in the U.S. in 2017 are under age 36. This means that millennials have become the dominant homebuyer group – and a force to be reckoned with (and planned for) if trade pros or their clients are making home renovations with an eye toward selling in the future.

This market might be young, but don’t let those fresh faces fool you. These savvy consumers didn’t just come of age in the digital age; they were born into it. When they want information, they know exactly where to look – usually to the smartphone in their hand. So they come to the home buying process with lots of ideas about what they want in their lives, and in their homes.

At last year’s International Builder’s Show, speakers from NAHB and Better Homes and Gardens identified several preferences that are top-of-mind for home-buying millennials. Three of these are kitchens that fit their lifestyle; smart home technology and energy efficiency.

A Kitchen To Live In

Like generations before them, millennials place a special importance on their kitchen space. Eating healthy, locally and ethically are important to them, and in their own kitchens they can make all of them happen. In fact, in 2017 they are the group most likely to be in the kitchen cooking dinner, according to a survey conducted by Peapod and ORC International.

While more than a third or the Americans surveyed are planning to prepare more dinners at home this year, millennials are twice as likely as their older Baby Boomer counterparts to make this a resolution for 2017.

When millennials have the chance to renovate and personalize their kitchen space, what choices are they making? The 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey shows that unlike more traditional Baby Boomers, millennials are likely to lean toward more modern or farmhouse style spaces.

They are also more likely to make pantry cabinets and islands part of their projects, incorporating products you can find through your local ProSource Wholesale showroom.

Incorporating a stunning yet resilient Silestone Nebula Alpha Series Orion Quartz Countertop, glossy subway tile and sleek Aristokraft Benton cabinets, it creates a space that combines efficiency and entertaining with equal ease.

Home, Smart Home

Responses to a 2016 survey by Better Homes and Gardens indicated that female millennial homeowners are fans of smart technology:

• 74% agreed that it is customizable to their needs

• 70% agreed that it makes their homes more efficient

• 67% agreed that it saves them time

Technology is central to their lives, so they welcome options help them integrate it into their homes. Consider smart thermostats that allow remote adjustments to lights or temperature through a smart phone app. Or a doorbell like the Ring system that allows homeowners to visually monitor, and actually talk to anyone who comes to the door – even when they’re away from home.

Millennial homeowners also appreciate features that allow them to easily integrate their technology into their living spaces. Case in point – this group reaches not for cookbooks, but for iPads. Therefore, thoughtful cabinet companies like Decora not only feature modern and farmhouse styles like Artisan, but also offer handy extras such as a fold-down tablet holder that mounts and neatly folds away under top cabinets. The design experts at your local ProSource Showroom can suggest features like these to add resale appeal to your kitchen design.

Energy Savings Attract

When it comes to saving energy, millennials want to do their part. And they’re willing to invest in home features that help. When choosing appliances, lighting, windows and doors, look for ENERGY STAR products, which are independently certified to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality.

Also, consider choosing features that save resources beyond energy, such as a toilet with an eco-friendly flush rating. This is just one of the options ProSource offers that combine high style with high efficiency.

By keeping in mind what millennials look for in a home, you can add greater value to your remodeling projects when it really counts – when a “for sale” sign goes up in the front yard. For more ideas on ways to increase the resale value of your next remodeling project, talk to the experts at your local ProSource Wholesale showroom.

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