Timeless Flooring Choices Transcend Trends

ProSource | 8/8/2017 | Expert Advice

In the quest for a flooring that will stand the test of time, not to mention trends, you've got to consider beyond immediate crazes; that is, what is hot at any particular moment. Otherwise, you'll go nuts trying to keep up.

That's not to say that you can't ever change out flooring, furniture, wall color or décor. But the fact is that your flooring is often your largest investment. So when you choose it, choose it for the long run and let everything else revolve around it.

But how to do that? How to make a flooring choice that transcends current fashion and will work with "home décor turnover?" Easy. Just pay heed to the three N’s – need, neutral and natural.

Navigating The 3 N’s

Research has shown that when we decorate based on need as well as (or maybe more so than) what's trendy, we tend to choose things, even unconsciously, that seem to last longer in terms of style.

Carpet for a bedroom; laminate for a kitchen; tile for a bathroom. By doing this, we avoid focusing on mere style, per se, as dictated by what's in vogue. If you put your needs ahead of some trendy fashion…well, you're off to a safe start.

Admittedly, many bright colors in carpet or tile are going to be difficult to make work with a number of changes in furniture and décor over the course of years. So for the purpose of choosing a timeless flooring, neutral shades in any material are certainly the safest. But they don't have to be boring.

Choosing carpet? Pick one with some very subtle striations for bringing an energy to your room. And if you're dead set on patterns in carpet, use traditional bold patterns such as stripes, plaids and checks.

In the case of hardwood, a knotted wood flooring look can add drama to a room while still maintaining a classic feel.

Here's a rudimentary, yet effective rule of thumb: If, when considering a flooring design, the word "flashy" comes to mind…well, that design just may fall outside of the "timeless" realm.

No matter how plain or how intricate a design may be, designers seem to agree that natural products such as hardwood, stone and ceramic tile – or even laminate that simulates them – have an appearance that is naturally classic. In another word, timeless.

Trade Professionals: Going The Extra Mile

If you're a trade professional, the tendency might be to live in the moment, as many of your clients will try to do, without consideration to the potential longevity of a flooring choice.

But as a professional, no matter if you're a remodeler, builder or an interior designer, you can do your clients a great service by helping them plan for the future as well as for today when it comes to designing their home – both the outside and the inside. It's an aspect of your service your customers will really appreciate.

In the case of flooring, do your homework to keep up with the latest looks that could still be considered classic, or timeless.

Ultimately, Your Style Is You

What is your design style? If you're traditional, then the discussion so far will make all kinds of sense. But if you're an adventurous person with a love of whimsical design, then you may be thinking that choosing a flooring that might be considered timeless just can't be done. Not so!

This is where a ProSource Showroom can really help, by sharing with you a number of tile, carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl ideas that could be considered as timeless as they are fun.

You can also browse the product catalog for ideas, and add images you like to your myProSource Project Center. No matter what you consider your personal style to be, be sure to ask your ProSource rep to recommend a flooring installation expert.

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