Transitional Kitchen Designs Mix Classic With A Twist Of Modern

Everyone has their own unique sense of style and many times that style is generational. When you’re choosing the style of the next iteration of your kitchen, everyone is going to have their opinion. Your mother loves traditional designs. You’re more interested in contemporary style. Your significant other prefers a rustic look. These are all very distinct styles on their own, but with the up and coming trend in kitchen design, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

What’s In A Transitional Kitchen Design

The better question is, what isn’t? Transitional design gives you a new take on old classics, mixing and matching aspects of various styles for the perfect balance of new style and your style.

Particularly if you’re planning on selling your house in the near future, you don’t want to get too crazy with your kitchen remodel. A transitional kitchen design can give you a base design that anyone will love, while allowing you to bring in eclectic accents that make it yours.

When done right, a transitional design will create a timeless look for your kitchen that can blend with anyone’s personal taste.

Common Features Of Transitional Kitchen Designs

Mix And Match Finishes. Break away from traditional design rules in your transitional kitchen design. Combine something exceptionally modern, such as grey or white cabinets, with something traditional like an espresso stained island.

Creative Details. Take a more contemporary cabinet style, such as shaker, and incorporate classically styled knobs and pulls. Mix a subway tile backsplash with a farmhouse sink. Try a wooden or concrete looking countertop and crown molding. As long as your design is balanced, you can’t go wrong.

Man-made With Natural. Another common theme in transitional kitchens is mixing man-made materials with natural ones, such as steel and wood, brick with marble, stone and concrete.

Neutral Colors. One of the elements that allows transitional design to be so flexible is that it relies on neutral base tones. Paint colors and flooring are neutral while accent pieces bring in pops of color.

Simple Designs. Transitional kitchen designs often incorporate simplistic styles such as shaker, mission and Asian that heavily feature straight lines and right angles. The simple design is not too frilly, but not too masculine, and creates a great balance.

ProSource Wholesale carries a variety of transitional kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucets, cabinet hardware and backsplash options.

Review inspiration and the product catalog to find the look you desire, and add the images to the myProSource Project Center to share with your friends and, of course, your trade professional. You can also visit your local showroom to see what’s available.

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