Trend Alert: Going For The Gold

ProSource | 8/9/2016 | Expert Advice

Looking for the perfect accent to complement your home décor? Embrace one of today’s hottest trend: gold.

From bright and shiny to subtle and brushed, gold provides a look that is rich and timeless and yet oh-so-adventurous. Design experts explain just how easy it is to go for the gold.

The Power Of Gold

“Gold is making a bold comeback,” says New York City designer Cathy Hobbs. “For decades, discarded as old-fashioned and blasé (Liberace, anyone?), gold has found its way back into fashion, jewelry, and home décor.”

Jennifer Ventresca of Black Rock Galleries says gold “ups the ante” of a design scheme, in much the same way that a chunky gold necklace transforms the look of jeans and a t-shirt. “The beauty and timelessness of gold accents quietly sets a tone that permeates the décor of the entire room with that bit of glamour everyone seeks.”

Try pairing light hardwood kitchen floors with gold faucets and cabinet hardware. These small accents lend itself well to gold nick knacks, without going overboard. Feeling brave? Add an all gold sink to make a statement in a kitchen or bathroom. It’s the perfect way to give a room a feeling of luxury and richness.

Pair It With Other Colors

“Many homeowners shy away from glitz and sparkle, steering clear of all metallic finishes,” says Hobbs. “But gold is actually a wonderful neutral that pairs beautifully with other colors.” A deep chocolate brown hardwood, for example, balances out gold and prevents it from looking or feeling brassy.

“Other colors in the room can influence the tasteful placement of the gold accents,” says Leah Chalfen, designer of Light as a Feather by Leah C., a luxury line of products for interiors. “Generally warmer tones, regal colors, or even dramatic white marble next to golds are successful in an overall room decor.”

San Francisco designer Alice of Miss Alice Designs goes for bold contrast. “For a striking pop, pair gold accents with bold rich blues, emerald greens, black, and charcoal colors.”

Pair It With Other Textures

Gold is at its best when found among different textures, such as wood or fabric. Per Ventresca, “Many furniture categories have beautiful metal elements in the pieces, so be sure that there is also a softer, contrasting material, such as fabric, in the item.”

Ventresca recommends looking for pieces that have history (aka patina). “Those pieces will always look timeless,” she says. “Consignment centers, auction houses, thrift shops, and tag sales are your best bets for unique gold finds.”

Less Is More

“Gold is not the color with which you just dive in,” says Hobbs. “Instead, add touches of gold throughout your space.” Incorporate it as finishes on door handles and table legs or via accessories like mirrors, frames, or even a pillow with gold beads.

“Remember, a little dabl’ll do you,” says Ventresca. “You want the gold to add a touch of elegance – too much could easily turn a space into a gaudy hot mess.”

Adds Chalfen, “Gold touches make us happy. Look at your entire space and decide on specific special touches to delight the eye.”

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