You Made Your Flooring Material Choice. Now, What Color?

ProSource | 10/10/2015 | Expert Advice

So you’ve chosen your flooring material. Now that you know what you’re putting on your floor, the next question is: what color?

This truly is a big decision – especially when you consider the space a floor occupies in a room. According to Better Homes and Gardens, a floor is one-sixth of a room’s surface area. So it definitely plays a role in determining a room’s look and feel.

No wonder some homeowners find choosing the color of floorcoverings a more daunting task than choosing the flooring material itself (and why beige carpet is such a popular choice…).

While a floor in a neutral hue might be just what the decorator ordered, remember the impact the color of your floor can have on your room. Your floor is literally the foundation for your room’s color scheme. So before you default to an expected shade, give it some careful consideration.

Color Can Change Size (As You See It)

Just like wall color, the color of your flooring can change the perceptual size of your room. Dark colors bring surfaces closer, for a more intimate feel, whereas light colors tend to create a sense of more expansive space.

If you want to create a cozier atmosphere, check out deeper, darker flooring colors. Or, if you want to visually push back the walls, look to lighter floor shades.

Like color, flooring patterns (or the lack thereof) can also influence your perception of space. Strong patterns or textures in hardwood or carpet can have a consolidating effect, which can work well in larger areas. To broaden smaller areas, however, flooring without patterns works best.

What Is Your Room’s Mood?

How do you want to feel when you’re in the room? Are you relaxing? Working? Entertaining? For example, if the goal is a tranquil space, such as a bedroom or bathroom, cool and neutral colors are nice to have underfoot.

For an office or entertaining space you can boost the energy of the room with a more vibrant color choice or pattern. For a space that invites friends and family to gather close, explore deeper, warmer colors.

Live With Your Color Options, In Your Space

With all of the color options available in different floor coverings, the last place you want to make a choice is standing in front of a rack of sample pieces at a showroom. That’s why the experts at ProSource Wholesale recommend that you narrow it down to a few color choices, then take samples home to the room where they will live. Place them on the floor, move them around to different areas of the room, and look at them at different times of the day. You’ll be amazed how much colors can change from morning to night, from one side of a room to the other.

Regardless of the final color you choose, by carefully considering this aspect of your flooring, you’ll know you’ve made the most of this important aspect of your room. So remember to recognize your floor for the design element (and opportunity) it is, and to choose a flooring color that reflects it.

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