Your Best Options For Radiant Heated Floors

Heated flooring is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends for remodeling projects. While it certainly is a luxury feature for most homeowners, there are many practical benefits that come with a radiant heated floor. They tend to waste less energy than regular furnaces and, as a result, you can use them to heat any room in your home with the right type of hard flooring surface.

If you think heated floors are a feature that you want to consider for your home remodeling project, you’ll need to plan your flooring accordingly. Here are the best types of flooring to use with radiant heat.


Porcelain and ceramic tile are probably the most obvious surface for heated floors since they are very popular in bathrooms. The best part about using tile is that they warm nicely and distribute the heat evenly throughout the room. Additionally, tile doesn’t expand and contract as it heats and cools, so there’s no risk of cracking.

Engineered Hardwood

The manufacturing process of engineered hardwood flooring ensures that it doesn’t expand and contract as much as regular hardwood, which makes this a viable option for radiant heated floors in rooms other than the bathroom. The product is assembled in layers with wood laying in various directions. Since radiant floors heat more evenly, you can use this type of flooring throughout your home for higher energy efficiency.


Granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone are excellent conductors, just like tile, and will work well with radiant heated flooring in any room.


Just like engineered hardwood, laminate is a product that is manufactured in layers which makes it a good option for heated flooring in just about any room in your house. Laminate comes in wood-look as well as tile, so you can use it as a less expensive option and still have the luxury of a heated floor.

Floor Types That Should Not Be Used With Radiant Heated Flooring

There are a few types of floors that are not ideal for heated floors. As mentioned earlier, solid hardwood expands and contracts with temperature so they are not recommended for use with radiant heated floors. Carpet is an insulator and as such, it will prevent some of the heat from reaching the surface. Lastly, vinyl flooring can potentially be damaged by a radiant heating system and the heat could cause the release of chemicals into the air.

Stone, tile, laminate and engineered hardwood provide you with a wide variety of options and styles that will function wonderfully with your new heated floor. Have your trade professional speak with the ProSource Wholesale team for a quote on radiant heated flooring.

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