Armstrong: Check Off All The Items On Your Flooring Wish List

We all have wish lists, especially when it comes to creating our dream home. Choosing the perfect floor is usually high on that list. Whether you have a certain look in mind, or are just beginning to explore what’s available, you’re likely overwhelmed by the many flooring choices and great possibilities that are on Pinterest boards or your favorite home remodeling show.

There are so many things to consider. What's the size of the room, and how much traffic will the floor receive? Children make a difference. Any pets? Will the floor be exposed to moisture regularly? How often is the floor likely to need to be cleaned?

Regardless of the type of flooring you’re interested in, Armstrong Flooring has literally hundreds of options from which to choose, from hardwood to vinyl. The company’s 150-year legacy celebrates its continued commitment to providing customers with inspiring designs, unparalleled durability and uncompromising quality.

That means you don’t have to give up on some of those items on your wish list. When you choose Armstrong Flooring, you can get them all!

Versatility? Check.

If it’s color or design you’re looking for to make your space stand out, Armstrong Flooring has it in spades. From vinyl sheet flooring that comes in almost any color imaginable, to engineered stone and hardwood, the options are endless.

Create a modern space, or reproduce period designs for a retro look. Want to make a bold fashion statement or recreate the look of wood while maintaining a more forgiving finish? Consider vinyl sheet. Armstrong Flooring’s state-of-the-art technology can replicate stone, tile, concrete, mosaic tiles and even linen.

Engineered stone offers a wide variety of styles including marble, travertine, slate and urban-inspired designs. Not only does it feel warmer to the touch, it’s more slip resistant and since it is a resilient floor, it can hold up better to “butter fingers” who struggle with gravity.

And for those who prefer genuine hardwood, Armstrong Flooring’s rich array of woods, colors, finishes and plank widths give your space exactly what you’re looking for, from contemporary to rustic or traditional.

Low Maintenance? Check.

These days it seems that every product for your home is labeled as “easy to maintain.” And although it’s nice to know that our homes can take care of themselves, those of us who’ve taken care of one can confidently shake our heads at the notion.

Homes take work. Floors get dirty. But products designed to hold up to daily wear and tear, those that are easily cleaned with inexpensive products, and look newer longer are on our short list. Armstrong Flooring gets this, too.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of easy flooring options, many also are made with materials that repel dirt and water and resist stains.

Style? Check.

Nature never goes out of style. The enduring appeal of hardwood flooring is in its timeless look and the value it adds to a home. Armstrong Flooring offers the most choices in styles, finishes and installation options to fit any taste, lifestyle and budget. Whether solid or engineered, these hardwoods are crafted to the highest quality standards.

One great example is American Scrape hardwood which provides the highly-desired look of handscraped floors. This stunning hardwood collection is inspired by the diversity of the American landscape and designed for lasting beauty. Made in the U.S.A., a portion of the collection’s sales supports Homes For Our Troops, a privately funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds mortgage-free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured Veterans Post 9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Start discovering the advanced, beautiful look of Armstrong Flooring by finding your favorite styles to add to your myProSource project center. Share your images with your trade professional and then stop by your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom to check them out in person.

Most of us have to make some sacrifices, choosing one quality over another. But with Armstrong Flooring, you can check off all the items on your flooring wish list and not be left wanting for any. Get inspired today!

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