Avienda®: Naturally Luxe Hardwood Floors

ProSource | 8/28/2015 | Product Information

As you choose products for your home remodeling project, you want to select things that make a statement and really speak to your personal style. After all, that’s what your home is - a reflection of you. You’re creating a look and feel that is uniquely yours, and everyone who walks into your home will feel it.

If your personal style is eclectic and authentic, you’ll want products in your home, including flooring, that reflect that sense of style. Avienda is a distinct product line offering variety, luxury, and imagination available exclusively at ProSource Wholesale®.

Nature’s Style

One of the things that makes Avienda hardwood interesting is how the natural grain patterns in the wood take center stage. As a tree grows, it’s natural environment makes its mark within the wood itself.

Drought, rain, sunlight - all of these elements are literally infused within the tree, telling it’s individual life story through the patterns and swirls found on each plank. Each of these stories is enhanced by the colorful contrast found in the finish of your choice.

What kind of story these exotic and visually unique hardwood planks tell is entirely dependent upon where they originate. African Mahogany, Brazillian Cherry, Acacia, Tigerwood and Cabreuva are just a handful of the wide variety of exotic species that Avienda offers, each as noteworthy as the next.

The line has stunning visuals of domestic species as well. Avienda offers choices in solid and engineered hardwood.

Durable, Naturally

With Avienda, not only can you indulge in the luxury of a lavishly styled hardwood, you can also be completely at ease with the functional aspects of your new home investment.

Avienda hardwood has high a naturally high endurance, hardness, and grain density as well as long lasting beauty. And just in case luck throws you a curve ball, they are warranted for up to 50 years.

These visually stunning masterpieces of nature will create a lasting impression and timeless expression of your personal style. Visit a ProSource showroom to start browsing Avienda and choose the style that best suits you, and your home.

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