Baroque Vinyl: Beauty And Affordability For All

Authentic hardwood, with all of its character and beauty, is the perfect flooring for any type of home. A twentieth century farmhouse in the English countryside might have beautifully worn hardwood with slight imperfections, changes in grain, and uneven lengths that only add to its unique story.

The floors of a sleek, glass-enclosed high-rise condo in a metropolitan city might be covered in smooth, even, coffee-colored hardwood planks that add to its modern aesthetic. Whatever the setting, real hardwood calls to mind timeless style.

Unfortunately, it might also break the bank. The good news is there is a way to get authentic looking hardwood floors that add character to your home without eating up your entire budget.

Wood-look vinyl planks offer countless options, but they are not all created equal. You want the beauty and character that hardwood evokes, at a reasonable price and without the hassles. Fortunately, Baroque vinyl, available at ProSource Wholesale®, offers just that.

Authentic Appearance

The latest technology makes it possible for many vinyl plank floors to closely mimic the colors and characteristics of real hardwood. Baroque vinyl takes this authenticity a step further by offering planks in varying lengths for a truly realistic appearance.

The Baroque Era

Baroque vinyl flooring is inspired by the era of the same name, a time when famous artists in Europe made their work widely available to all people. In much the same way, Baroque flooring comes in a range of classic and contemporary styles, and is priced to fit homeowners’ budgets.

Strong and Comfortable

Baroque vinyl is constructed from real limestone for maximum strength and durability. It has all the inherent qualities of vinyl, including exceptional durability, resilience, water resistance and easy maintenance. Its thicker backing means you’ll get a quieter, moisture-resistant floor that can be installed in any room of your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, without worry.

Easy Living

The last thing today’s busy households need to spend time on is the constant upkeep of their flooring. Baroque vinyl planks offer a sturdy, beautiful floor that retains its shape, even with natural wear and tear, and it’s waterproof, making it the perfect solution for families looking for an affordable, worry-free way to bring the look of real hardwood flooring into their homes.

Traditional hardwood floors can warp and expand in certain conditions, but with Baroque vinyl flooring you can cross that worry off your list. A tough, polyurethane finish makes these floors easy to maintain, and they’ll never need to be refinished or polished.

Baroque vinyl flooring captures the look of real wood so effortlessly it will fool even the toughest critic in your home. From casual lighter woods with random graining to darker, more fine-grained, formal flooring, Baroque offers options for every style preference. And its three thickness levels means you can choose the perfect floor for your home and lifestyle.

Review the online inspiration for vinyl plank ideas, and the online catalog of Baroque vinyl, and add images you like to the myProSource project center.

Whether your highest priority is budget, beauty, comfort or durability, you’re covered. Baroque vinyl is a new generation of floors built for a new generation of families. Stop by your local ProSource Showroom to check out all the possibilities and add timeless character and charm to your home.

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