Cabinet Color: Decorá® Is Turning On The Light

One of the latest trends in remodeling involves homeowners reimagining their kitchens as brighter, more open spaces. One place where this trend is having a big impact is cabinetry. The proof is in the product offerings, including new cabinet finishes from Decorá®, a brand that prides itself on offering hues that match homeowners’ visions.

Why Homeowners Are Setting Their Sights Lighter

Stephanie Pierce, Director of Design and Trends for Decorá, sums it up as the natural evolution of design. “Design is very cyclical,” she says. “It’s about keeping balance. Color is the same way. Five to six years ago, chocolate stains were it. There’s still a lot of it out there, but as generations change, people want something different. Now we’re launching stains on the lighter end of the spectrum.”

New Decora Stains Are Lighter In Color, As Well As Coverage

A perfect example of the trend toward lighter cabinet stains is Gunny, a new offering from Decorá. Launched in 2017, Gunny adds just a slight tint that helps showcase the natural grain and beauty of the wood. Instead of the yellow and red hues that produce the honey tones of traditional light wood stains, an underlying hint of warm gray gives Gunny a more understated, organic character that blends well with contemporary designs.

The trend toward subtle, natural shades like Gunny is a response to a shift in customer tastes, from more golden to more earthy color palettes. Explains Pierce, “As we introduce lighter tones, they have to work with walnut and grey and white palettes.” Finishes such as Gunny provide a perfect complement.

Decora Painted Cabinets Are Also Showing A Lighter Side

While the trend toward painted cabinets might have reached a plateau, it still accounts for more than 50 percent of kitchen cabinet finish choices. As with stain finishes, things are looking lighter. Pierce reports that out of more than 30 choices Decorá offers in opaque cabinet colors, about half are now white or gray.

The proliferation of white shades is more than a whim. “The color white changes so subtly between shades,” Pierce says. “But white has a powerful presence. Whites are different, and can drive your design selections into different directions. So the shade of white a homeowner or designer chooses is really important.”

Whether your kitchen design plans include white or light colors (or both), Decorá offers a wide assortment of on-trend paler hues, in both stain and paint finishes.

To find the combination of color and style that’s right for your kitchen, begin by visiting with a design expert at your local ProSource Wholesale showroom. It’s a bright idea that can help your kitchen become a beautiful source of light in your home.

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