Cabinet Refacing: When it Makes Sense and How it Saves Dollars

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Your kitchen is probably the hardest working room in your home. A central location for prepping meals, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, eating and overseeing homework, the kitchen takes on a lot of duties, and suffers from frequent wear and tear. It’s no wonder that kitchen remodels are the most popular project for homeowners to tackle. But while dreaming about a brand new kitchen can be fun, it can also be costly. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to cut costs without losing sight of your vision.

Part of the joy in remodeling a kitchen is the opportunity to make the space much more useful as your family grows and your needs change. Getting the latest looks and updates isn’t always in the budget. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range kitchen remodel will cost approximately $60,000. And regardless of what you spend, a full 50% of your budget will be spent on new kitchen cabinets. There are other commitments as well: you’ll need to measure and decide on a new kitchen layout, cabinet style, wood species and stain color, and choose a new countertop. Tearing out the old cabinets means weeks of dust and debris, not to mention the added expense of eating out while the work is done. If your family is like many, it’s just not a practical solution. One way homeowners are getting around these costs and constraints is by choosing to reface their cabinets, rather than replace them.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Rather than tearing out all your kitchen cabinets, cabinet refacing allows you to leave the cabinets in place, and simply remove the old doors and drawer fronts. The front face frames are veneered, and the exposed sides of the cabinets are skinned with a new wood veneer or laminate. New drawer boxes and glides are installed, and custom details are added to complete the look.

When Does Refacing Make Sense?

Sometimes it makes more sense to reface, for others a complete remodel is in order. Answer these questions to find out which is right for you:

  1. Does the current layout of your kitchen work for you?

  2. Are your cabinets structurally in good shape?

  3. Is your primary goal to modernize or update the look of your kitchen?

  4. Are you interested in new storage options to increase the usefulness of your space?

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, your kitchen is an ideal candidate for refaced cabinets.

Makes Sense And Saves Dollars.

Sometimes the cost to reface your existing cabinets looks about the same as the cost to purchase new cabinets—the difference is in the labor. Tearing out your old cabinets, measuring and installing new cabinets can be time consuming and expensive. Keep in mind, you’ll also need to install new countertops and possibly flooring. When you reface, you can determine whether you want to splurge on a new countertop, or you can keep the existing one and decorate around it, saving time and money.

Now What?

Now that ProSource offers cabinet refacing, you can update your kitchen without the long process and mess of installing new cabinets. We offer a large selection of top selling door styles in stains and paints. And if you do decide to replace your countertop, we offer a wide selection of products, and the pros to install it.

Take your kitchen from worn and tired to bright and vibrant. Stop by your local ProSource Showroom to check out all the possibilities and get started on your budget-friendly kitchen remodel today!

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