Clean Carpet: Its More Important Than You Think

Any floorcovering is an investment in your home and carpet is no exception. But often, we don't think of maintaining carpet the way we do other flooring.

The thoughts there might be, "That precious stone tile we just installed is some fancy floor – we'd better do what we can to make it last." Or… "We're prepared to wax our new hardwood flooring every week if that's what it takes to keep it in shape!"

But with carpet…well, most folks think only in terms of aesthetics – when they start to notice dirt, they run a vacuum. And the deeper and/or more complex the carpet fabric appearance is, the less dirt shows! Simple, right?

Sorry, but not exactly. There are many reasons to clean carpet on a regular basis besides just day-to-day looks.

How often should "regular" maintenance happen? Vacuum weekly and you'll prevent the need for expensive cleaning products as often as monthly. And you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective steam cleaning your carpet just twice a year can be.

It doesn't have to be an expensive task, and ProSource has trade professionals that can help. Spring and fall are ideal times.

Why To Clean Carpet At Regular Intervals

There are three great reasons to not just clean your carpet, but maintain it.

The first, of course – the one we all think about – is everyday presentation. You want it to look nice. Always a great reason, right? And one of the things that certainly can happen on any given day is a spill.

Whenever there's a spill on carpet, the first reaction (after the ritual wide-eyed shriek) is to grab a towel or cloth and start rubbing away – as hard and as fast as possible. However, nothing could be worse for your carpet. Most times, you'll only spread the stain and you'll almost always damage carpet fibers.

In the case of a spill, simply cover the stain immediately with a cloth and let it sit overnight. You'll be amazed at how much of the stain will be soaked up. Then clean the remainder with a carpet cleaner (following all directions) by blotting rather than rubbing. And contrary to some old wives' tales, don't use heat (from a hair dryer, for example) on a stain!

The second reason for regular carpet maintenance is for the purpose of investment. The last thing you'll want to do is replace carpet prematurely in the event that you decide to sell your home. There are few parts of a house that will show wear faster through neglect than carpet.

Lastly, and perhaps more important, is that clean carpet equals a healthy home. Regular maintenance keeps your house allergen-free and odor-free, not to mention all but eliminating the possibility of beetles and other carpet bugs.

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