Commercial Flooring Considerations

Commercial flooring is created for easy maintenance, high durability and low cost – features important to business owners. But with all the commercial flooring solutions available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re a warehouse manager or a CPA, you’ll want to consider the most important factors, from foot traffic to safety and comfort, in order to choose the best flooring for your needs.

Foot Traffic

The first consideration in choosing your commercial flooring is how much traffic it will see. There’s a big difference between showroom foot traffic and high traffic spots such as entries, lobbies and hallways in large commercial areas.

It’s important to match the material to the environment. Especially if vehicles such as forklifts or pallet trucks will be accessing the area, you’ll need flooring that can hold up to heavy wear and tear, and not just heel and boot marks.


Most business owners will agree that when it comes to flooring, lower maintenance is better. But different commercial flooring will require different types of maintenance.

If fast, easy cleanup is especially important, a hard flooring surface is a must. And in potentially wet environments, you’ll need commercial grade flooring with an impenetrable surface to avoid mold growing in any cracks or crevices.

Natural stone and vinyl flooring are appealing choices, though they may require a bit more labor intensive cleaning and buffing in order to maintain their appearance. Commercial carpet or carpet tile can be fairly low maintenance, as it can be vacuumed regularly.


The strength of your commercial flooring choice will impact the frequency with which it will wear out and need to be replaced. Ceramic and luxury vinyl tile flooring tend to last longer than other materials. Some commercial carpeting are also made to last longer. Be sure to do your research when it comes to the longevity of the material.


For commercial applications, safety is an especially important consideration. Look for flooring options that won’t present slipping concerns when wet or buffed. Extra traction, as can be found with carpet or rubber flooring, can reduce your liability.


Flooring can help to set the mood in your commercial space. If your goal is to create a sense of calm and warmth, for example, carpet, whether in broadloom or tile, may be your best option. Not only does it make a space feel cozier, but it cuts down on noise in places where quiet (hospitals) or concentration (schools) is important.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to impress clients and visitors, marble, porcelain tile or hardwood might be your best options. For education or childcare, bright colors can have a strong impact.

Regardless of what type of business you own and what type of mood you want your flooring to convey, your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom has a wide variety of flooring options to suit your needs. Stop by today and find out how to check out free samples of your favorite styles.

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