Countertops: Your Secret Design Weapon For Any Room

ProSource | 9/22/2015 | Product Information

You know that countertops aren’t just for the kitchen and bathroom anymore. So, where else would you install them?

Countertops add functionality and dimension to any room. They up the style quotient with a variety of styles and colors. Countertops are your secret design weapon for visual and tactile impact.

Your other secret design weapon is the team at your local ProSource Wholesale® showroom. We have a lot of cool ideas and resources up our sleeves. We can offer advice on which products will best turn your vision into reality.

First, consider where you may want countertops…and cabinets to go with them. Think about the style you want and the durability you need. Will you want all the countertops to match? You may. It is just as logical to think about each countertop’s location and function.

Where Else Can You Install Countertops?


It’s the penultimate salute to entertaining. Whatever the size and length, you know you need something to top off that bar. Just don’t forget about shelving inside as well. Show them some countertop love, too.


Amp up your basement storage. Install cabinetry around the perimeter and top it off with durable countertops. At the right height, this is extra seating for entertaining. Surround cabinetry is also perfect for homeschool storage. Plus, you can add a large island to use as the learning hub.


Why settle for a pedestrian place to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories? Give your closet real functionality and visual appeal. Install cabinets with countertops, or add countertops as shelving. A walk-in closet allows for greater creativity. And a dressing room? It’s just waiting for personalization.

Living Room

Like a basement, a living room can’t have enough storage. With an open floor plan, cabinet storage and work/play surfaces are just about critical. Think about floor to ceiling cabinetry, with instant seating as part of the design.


Is there anyone with a garage who doesn’t want or need extra work surfaces? With storage underneath? We triple-dog dare you to say no.

Home Office

The home office can, and oftentimes should, be more than just a desk and chair. Is it possible you could use more work surfaces? Wouldn’t it be better for your productivity…and back…to have somewhere other than the floor to spread out paperwork? We’re betting the collective answer is yes.

Laundry Room

Yes, that place where you clean clothes. Did you know this former design misfit is now the hottest space to renovate? If there’s room for countertops, they’re going in. It’s a great surface for folding clothes or supporting that handy sink. It can also work well as shelving.

Mud Room

Flooring isn’t the only surface that needs to hold up to high traffic in your entry. Mud rooms need countertops that are both rugged and attractive. They are ideal for handling your household’s comings and goings.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are there spaces you would add to the list? Where have you added a countertop that surprised you? We’d like to hear your ideas, and learn what questions come to mind when you consider countertops. Visit your local showroom. It’s the perfect opportunity to share those thoughts with us. You can also add inspiration and product images you like to the myProSource project center.

You may already know what you want. It could be marble, granite, quartz, or laminate. Then again, you may surprise yourself with your final choice. When you see what is available, it can open your eyes to new possibilities.

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