Diamond® Cabinets: Bring Your Design Vision To Life

ProSource | 8/20/2015 | Product Information

Since 1954, the Diamond brand has represented affordable cabinetry for countless homeowners. Over the intervening years, the company has expanded it choices of cabinet door styles and materials, hardware, and more recently added a line of organizational options.

This is why ProSource Wholesale® partners with Diamond. Our relationship allows us to give you the means to translate your ideas into a dream kitchen, bath, or other room transformation.

But where to begin? With so many choices, how do you pare them down to the combination that will work best for you? How can you best sift through all of the options in search of the perfect elements?

ProSource has the answers through our in-house design experts. They are trained to have in-depth knowledge of all the products, options and accessories. These folks have experience with floor plans, measurements, colors and materials, and have the software tools to show you visually how it can all come together.

To give you an idea of what to consider when planning your new space for Diamond cabinets, here are some things to think about, plus some cabinet options to feed your imagination.

Some Common Questions Likely To Arise

  • How does your current space work for you?
  • Is the space’s current traffic flow smooth or does it feel more like trying to operate bumper cars in a confined area?
  • Do you have budget flexibility to move any plumbing and/or electrical to accommodate the ideal layout?
  • If you are redoing your kitchen, will you keep your current appliances or buy new?
  • Are you redesigning for the long term or do you plan to sell your home in the near future?
  • What functionality is a must? What functionality is your ideal?
  • Are you the type of person who relishes all aspects of design to installation…or is your motto “let’s get this done”?
  • What style do you want this new space to have? Do you want something different from what you have now? Do you have plans to take this design throughout your home?

Diamond Cabinetry Selections

Cabinet Materials

  • Wood: alder, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, PureStyle, rustic alder
  • Thermofoil


  • Acanthus insert molding
  • Arts & Crafts corbel
  • Crown molding
  • Mission tile
  • And more

Organization Examples

  • Appliance garage
  • Base corner cabinet with curved pullout
  • Deep drawer base cabinet
  • Sink base cleaning caddy
  • Vanity hamper
  • And more

Cabinet Hardware Bling

  • Hinges, knobs and pulls
  • Antique, nickel, pewter, stainless steel, and more

As you can see, there are a number of ways for you to create a brand new space with cabinetry that transforms the look while making it more efficient. Your ProSource design expert is here to help you balance your creativity with practicality. With us, you have the choice of how hands-on you want to be with the overall process.

Cabinetry is to your home what the perfect ensemble is to your wardrobe. It is beautiful, practical, always dependable, and a great return for your investment. It always makes you happy. Cabinetry by Diamond can help achieve your perfect ensemble.

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