Get A Perfect Fit With Broadloom Carpet Bound Into A Custom Area Rug

ProSource | 4/24/2019 | Product Information

A cozy island for intimate conversation. A bold statement of unique style. A unifying piece of art that ties a room together. Against a backdrop of large expanses of wood, tile or concrete flooring, area rugs serve a wide variety of roles in defining rooms as well as smaller spaces within them.

Whether you’re a trade professional or a homeowner, the challenge is finding the perfect fit in terms of size, style, lifestyle and budget. Fortunately, creating a custom area rug from broadloom carpet is the surest way to get a perfect fit.

There Is Only One Right Size For Each Space
Since every space presents its own unique dimensional considerations — the size of the room itself, function and orientation for flow, types and shapes of furniture and more, standard size area rugs will often be too big or too small, which can compromise the aesthetics and make the space less inviting.

On the other hand, a custom area rug offers the perfect fit in much the same way as custom-tailored clothing fits each different body perfectly versus standard off-the-rack clothing.

Finding The Perfect Style Starts With More Choices
Typically, while standard pre-made area rugs offer a wide range of colors and patterns, they are almost always patterned. Since many of these patterns are quite bold or intricate, they may not fit with the style of the space and individual tastes.

Selecting any carpet, on the other hand, opens a virtually endless combination of patterns (from linear to vines), textures (from smooth cut pile to cut and loop) and colors (from earth tones to jewel tones) to satisfy virtually any style, ranging from elegant to casual.

If It Doesn’t Fit The Lifestyle, It Could Get Ugly
Spills. Pet accidents. Heavy foot traffic. An area rug has to be able to handle the lifestyle demands of the space or it’s going to go from pretty to pretty ugly in a short time.

Is the area rug in a formal space or a family room? Is there a lot of entertaining in the space? Are there kids or pets in the family? There are a lot of questions centered around performance features to be considered. Luckily, carpet has brands and styles with features to meet even the toughest lifestyle demands.

For example, area rugs made from low-profile loop carpet would be easy to keep clean and hold up well in spaces with heavy foot traffic (think: foyers and hallways). A textured saxony construction that doesn’t show vacuum marks or footprints makes it ideal in a family room. Consider a cut pile to create a smooth, elegant island of rich color in a living room.

Fiber and backing options include advanced technology for easy-care stain and soil resistance, allowing for clean-up of spills and even pet accidents, which is a great option for families with kids and pets. You can select a carpet with stain resistance against food and beverages, especially nice for area rugs in dining spaces. Choose a carpet with resistance to crushing and matting, ideal for family and play rooms. If comfort is the goal, opt for one of the numerous selections with incredible softness for a luxurious feel.

Natural Demands
When demands dictate, it’s also easy to find a high-quality carpet made from natural, sustainable wool fibers as well as specialty natural fibers that offer remarkable softness, style and performance.

There are also many broadloom carpets available with green-rated fibers for creating area rugs that are eco-friendly.

A custom area rug made from any carpet offers more opportunities to precisely fit every lifestyle need.

In The Real World, Fitting The Budget Is The Bottom Line
In a perfect world, money is no object. Since this is not a perfect world, budget matters in both absolute terms and in relation to perceived value.

A custom area rug does not automatically translate to it being more expensive. In fact, it can often cost less than its pre-made counterpart. There are variables, of course, such as the brand, fiber or size; however, there are numerous budget-friendly options to be had. Coupled with the low, wholesale prices at ProSource Wholesale® showrooms, the affordability factor increases.

The Flat-Out Best Choice For A Perfect Fit
Flat out. Hands down. Simply put, a custom area rug made from any desired carpet is an ideal way to achieve an impeccable fit for size, style, lifestyle and budget in virtually any space.



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